7 Simple Ways to Make a Man Die of Love for You

It is usual for women to seek ways to increase the love men have for them. Most times, men walk away from women who are desperate, insecure and have low self-esteem. To increase a man’s love for you, it is best to employ natural and healthy means in order to achieve these goals. Some of the simple but healthy and effective ways you can make a man die of love for you include

1. Smell Nice

Every woman needs to pay close attention when choosing a fragrance. Perfumes have different essences combined, which reveal a person’s personality, style, and character. According to experts, a great perfume increases self-esteem and promotes social relationships. It makes you feel confident and also attracts people to you. Most men are attracted to women who smell good. 

A nice fragrance effortlessly makes people notice your presence and exudes class and finesse. The brain recognizes and classifies nice smell through the limbic system, which is linked to the emotional center and long-term memory – this is how memories and emotions come together. Thus, smell nice and attract the right man. 

2. Don’t Give in Right Away

You must have heard of this many times but it works magic when done properly. A woman must be mysterious and learn to allow herself to be desired. It means that you have to let your partner take some time to win it, enjoy the gifts, the chivalry, the surprises, the phone calls, and other details. 

Don’t be at a man’s beck and call. No, it doesn’t portray you as a woman of class. This doesn’t mean you should play around for too long, you just shouldn’t rush to fall into a man’s arms and let you guard down. Allow him to seek you and value you. 

3. Reflect Security

As a woman, do not be clingy or dependent on a man. A woman who projects security is a magnet that attracts most men, so they will die of love for you. The confidence you have in yourself must be a quality used to your advantage. Exude confidence in the right manner. Do not be rude all in the name of being confident. 

Speak with confidence and do not always act like you need a man to succeed. Men love strong and independent women who they can entrust things in their care. Someone they believe can take care of their family and run their businesses seamlessly, without fear but expertise.

4. Be Happy and Positive 

Positivity attracts success. Do not spend all day complaining about what happens to you and the deals that didn’t click. We all have struggles but we shouldn’t wear them like a cloak. Constantly complaining will surely drive away every man who crosses your path because no one wants to be with someone who complains always. Rather than complain, be happy, smile, and enjoy the good things in life. Focus on the positive things, it speaks volumes about how you handle stress and adversity. 

This doesn’t mean you should always bottle up things, be fake, hide your emotions, or pretend. No. You can always find the right opportunity to express yourself with your partner without coming off as insecure and pessimistic. Certainly, unpleasant experiences will get to you and shake your happiness but do not give up. Focus on positive things and give off positive energy. 

5. Appreciate and recognize

Men also love to be appreciated and recognized just like women. As a woman, the well-being and happiness of your partner, husband, boyfriend, or love of your life need to be your priority. When they do something great, appreciate them. Often men assume the role of protectors, providers, and the figure of strength for women. They do it for us, so we have to recognize and value it because sometimes they sacrifice their well-being to see us happy. When the close a multi-million dollar deal or get you a gift, show them that you appreciate their efforts. 

6. Always be feminine

Most men love feminine women. It doesn’t matter if you are a thin or fat, short or tall woman; your physical appearance does not matter, however, how you express your femininity is what attracts men and makes them surrender to love. They don’t want someone who exudes masculinity. It turns them off. 

For example: put on makeup, always have your hair aligned and painted, nails done, take care of your food, your way of speaking, among other things. Remember that the woman must look delicate and fragile and at the same time seductive, beautiful, and attractive. Don’t leave yourself unkempt or try to wear that manly character. 

7. Be Affectionate

Just like women, men love to be loved and cared for. Loving and caring women are what most men look for in order to feel loved and special. There are many ways you can be an affectionate woman. It doesn’t end at buying gifts, you can pay attention to details concerning them, remember special dates and important events. 

Men also have emotions. Forget the fact that the bottle up a lot of things and act like they can handle everything themselves. When they meet the right and affectionate woman, they can free themselves and be vulnerable to you. Remember they need love just like we do. 

Love is subjective but for most men, they require almost the same set of qualities in a woman. Now that you have seen the various ways you can make a man die of love for you, do not fake it or try to overdo it. Be real. Know that the most important thing is your self-love, self-confidence and security, self-control, and happiness.

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