7 Steps to Improve Intimacy in Marriage

Intimacy in marriage helps keep couples united. The secret to improving intimacy lies in building a series of habits that are beneficial to the relationship and these habits must be adhered to by both partners. A successful marriage requires dedication by the parties involved and at intervals, there is need to seek new ways to improve intimacy between them. This is important as it will help the couples love each other more and wax stronger. 

The steps to improve intimacy have been discussed below and they are simple and easy tips that can be added to any routine to promote a great improvement in your relationship. They include:

1. Innovate at the time of sex 

There is no doubt that sex increases intimacy between two people. There is no reason to be ashamed to innovate and further improve your relationships with the person you love.

Unfortunately, sex, like everything else in a relationship, tends to fall into a rut over time. When this happens, it is normal for couples to be a little less active than they were at the beginning of the relationship. 

However, just a few attitudes are enough to rekindle the mood of passion again. You can fantasize or try new sexual positions. What matters is to let your imagination run wild and enjoy the moment together.

2. Talk more

The conversation in a relationship is very important to develop the couple’s intimacy because only through it is it possible to get to know each other and talk about the things they like or dislike. 

Everyone has problems and that is a fact. The difference is that some people can count on their partner’s help to face a problem. Talking with your partner helps increase the bond between the both of you. 

There are always a lot of things to talk about. You can talk about your dreams, future, kids and more. Forget about cell phones or television for a while and take a moment together to talk about dreams, anxieties and desires. 

3. Surprise the person you love

We often fail to surprise the person we love because we believe that to do this, it is necessary to plan something expensive and elaborate. However, one must not forget that small attitudes matter a lot.

Therefore, there are several ways to surprise your loved one without having to spend a fortune. To do this, you first need to know what the person you love most likes. For example, going for a walk outdoors, having a picnic, having a massage or even having a special dinner done by you. 

They are small and simple attitudes, but they make the relationship more intimate and passionate. 

4. Declare your love 

There are thousands of ways to declare your love to the person you love and doing so doesn’t take much.

Simple things like praising something you like about the person, talking about how important that someone is to you and highlighting how wonderful the other person is. These comments can make the person’s day even more special and for sure when they remember you, he/she will have a big smile on his/her face.

Unlike surprising the person you love, which is often done sporadically, demonstrations of love can be made every day  using words spoken face to face or even messages, as a way of showing that you remembered the people.

5. Don’t keep everything to yourself 

We tend to avoid talking about some things that happen in our lives for fear of others’ judgment or because we think that our suffering is not important enough.

However, in a relationship there are some issues that should be discussed as soon as they happen, for example, when the other person talks or does something that you don’t like. 

Talking about the things that bother you and being sincere is essential so that there are no issues hindering the couple’s intimacy. It also helps to prevent you from throwing badly resolved things from the past in a possible discussion.

 6. Be friends first of all

Being in a relationship means having a life partner, someone who will share the worst and best moments with you.

Friendship is vital for a relationship to work in the long term and contributes a lot to increase intimacy. Jokes are just some of the things that couples who are friends have in common.  

So, do not forget that the person you love is a friend that you can count on at all hours and that will be waiting for you with open arms no matter what happens.

7. Know how to love yourself

Much is said about the importance of self-love these days and how having a good self-esteem is reflected in our relationships with other people. This is because when we have good self-esteem and respect ourselves, we are able to understand the people we love and their journeys much better. 

Loving yourself is one of the most intimate contacts we can create, as it is a decision that comes from the inside out. From this, we learn to take care of ourselves and respect our limits. After all, we have been our own company since the day we were born and nothing is more just than taking care of yourself with the same affection that we will take care of someone else.

These steps, when successfully incorporated in your routine will surely help improve intimacy in your marriage. 

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