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7 Things First Time Dads Should Know 1

Becoming a first time dad is usually filled with bubbling happiness and a sense of achievement and responsibility that drives you to be the best you can for your family. This beautiful feelings are also interlaced with trepidation on how to handle the baby going forward and many a new dad have wished for a manual to point them in the right direction but alas! No such book exists.

However, a group of mums came up with a few things that might be good pointers for new dads embarking on such an awe inspiring journey.

Don’t let the panic in

Seeing that tiny bundle and holding it in your hands for the first time might leave you feeling panicky on top of all the other lovely feelings bubbling in you. You have to remember the mother of the child might be going through the same thing especially if she is also a first time mom. Push the panic aside and be strong for both of you since the road ahead will be paved with hard moments like endless crying at night when you want to sleep so badly.

Get the right contacts

Getting the number of at least one medical practitioner will go a long way to help you in cases where you are unsure and need some guidance. For instance when a simple fever or colic sends you into emergency mode with the need to rush your baby to the hospital, ask first, you might find that all you actually need to do is use some simple medication on the baby unless the symptoms persists and gets serious.

Stock up the right things

Most people focus on shopping for the baby and forget that them as parents need to be ready too. Having a baby means adjusting to the new role which can take too much of your time therefore, stock up the freezer and food cupboards. Lean towards easy and quick to make meals as you might not have time to prepare fully fledged family meals.

Know when to turn people away

A new child in a home means family and friends will be eager to visit with you to meet the baby. This can become too much for new parents especially due to the adjusting required and the lack of sleep that can make the new parents cranky. As the man of the house, you will have to know when to turn people away and when to welcome them to enable you to rest and settle in better.

Spend time with each other

Although the baby takes up most of your time especially for the mother, it is always good to keep in touch with your spouse for the sake of your relationship. Schedule some time each day to catch up on each other’s day; talk about how having a baby has changed you both. With the mother of your child’s emotions running wild because she is hormonal, listen and offer support.

Dot on the mother of your child

A mother is breastfeeding and taking care of your child most of the time which means that she is more tired than she is letting on. Do something nice for her like cooking her favourite meal.Carrying a child comes with a host of insecurities relating to her body; make her feel beautiful and loved with compliments and appreciation.

Have a support group

This should be your old buddies who you will be able to unburden to once in a while. Having a dad in your clique of friends will help you in cases where you appear confused and need some direction from a person who’s been there done that.

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