7 Ways You Can Talk To Your Toddlers That Will Make them listen.

Bayo Ajibola

For both parents and guardians, all kids are a handful but things become more dramatic when you have to care for a toddler. Even with the best caregivers around, when these toddlers starts pulling their tantrums, they can become helpless in such situations.

Today, we will be giving every parent/guardians tips on how they can communicate better with these toddlers.



Except times when they intentionally decide against answering to a call from parents, there is every possibility that the kid might just not have heard been called maybe due to them being too engrossed in what they might be doing at that moment, when this is the case, you need not yell or scold the child, simply approach the child and communicate the message in the calmest voice possible.


Come Down To Their Level

So many of ourtoddlers, when engrossed with their toys might be unaware of our presence in the room or space they might be. When we approach them when we need to speak with them, instead of standing, bend down beside, sit or kneel to get close enough and tell them what you needed to say to them.



After approaching the toddler and bending, sitting or knelling beside them, make eye contact. Ensure that you maintain a calm expression when dishing out your orders to them or simply relying a message. When you keep doing this, that child will in time learn how to listen when you talk.



Trust me, it’s better to give your orders or directions or pass your message, using really short words, this way, your toddler can easily assimilate and respond if need be. He or she understands your point or message and can give you an answer if need. Using longer words to communicate, might irritate your toddler who is in a hurry to get back to what he or she is doing, or might be confusing for them.





The best way you can teach your child is to be an example, Lead an exemplary life and you’ll see in no time, they will begin to emulate you. When you respond to calls on time, speak with respect, your kids will begin to act the exact way you act.



When you want to speak to your kid after getting down on your knee or sitting, you must ensure that your tone is very calm and assertive irrespective of the situation. When adults speak to kids in such way, they stand a better chance of communicating effectively and the kid listening and responding as they should.



When you give your directions, encourage that your kid acknowledges this by encouraging a ‘Yes ma’am or Yes sir’ response. This kind of response shows that your kid listened to everything you had to say as well as understands your message.




Bayo Ajibola

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