8 Things Happy Couples Do Not Do

Every couple has their way of doing things, coexisting and growing. There are healthy attitudes they adopt to grow their relationship as well as unhealthy things that they avoid. This is to ensure that the relationship is comfortable and conducive for both parties. Some of these attitudes which they avoid include: 

1. Invasion of privacy

Happy couples are not found snooping into each other’s lives, doubting each other’s words and invading privacy. They don’t wonder who they are talking to, where they are going, and what they are thinking. This is often because they trust each other and as such, worry less about many things. When you trust your partner, you believe everything they say with little or no doubt and you don’t go about checking their phones, tablets, emails or social media handles. 

2. You don’t demand exclusive attention

There are many happy couples who spend most of their time together, but this happens naturally and will never be out of obligation. It is great for couples to spend time together but when you demand exclusive attention, it ruins the relationship and makes it difficult for your partner to have some personal time. 

You should know that apart from the relationship or marriage, your partner has a private life, a job, friends, dreams and other things he or she is working on. Therefore you need to give them some time to focus on these things. 

3. Little games and manipulation

When a relationship is based on games and manipulation of feelings, it stops being happy and stops making sense. These attitudes only demonstrate insecurity and no relationship evolves with this type of behavior. You should be more mature in your dealings with your partner. Be more straightforward, trustworthy and sincere. It makes the relationship easier for both of you and consequently, you both can grow. 

4. Physical or verbal aggression

In no sphere of life does aggression do anything or help anything. Much less when it is directed to someone who has love and passion. Happy couples always find respectful ways to talk and resolve issues that they disagree with. Instead of raining insults and abuses on your partner, you can find a suitable time and method through which you can make your feelings known. This prevents quarrel and other problems that may arise in the relationship. 

5. Envy and dispute

Happy couples want to see each other’s happiness and never think that the relationship is a competition. After all, it is not. Each one values ​​the other to the maximum, celebrates with the achievements of the other and helps each other to always grow more. They know that when the other person is happy in their personal and professional life, they become a healthier, more passionate and pleasant person for coexistence.

6. Try to change the other

Changes in a person occur over time, based on the experiences they have, the people they meet, the reflections they make about themselves and life. Forcing changes in the other to satisfy your ego doesn’t make any sense, and happy couples know it. If there is something important that the other can change to improve and be happier, it will be said with frankness and respect, but only he will know when to change.

7. Blaming the other for everything

Happy couples know that each must take responsibility for their actions and they know that the other is never responsible for their attitudes. In a healthy relationship, everyone is free to be and do whatever they want, as long as respect for the other always comes first. Putting blame on your partner is unhealthy and wrong. Always accept your mistakes when you are wrong and apologize sincerely. 

8. Be inflexible

Inflexibility prevents a person from evolving. Therefore, happy couples know when it is time to give in, as long as it does not harm the relationship. If it is about seeing the other happy, bringing lightness and new experiences to the relationship, it is worth changing your mind and accepting the other’s suggestions. Recognizing that your partner can make good suggestions and also has equal rights with you in the relationship makes decision making a lot easier. 

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