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8 Things to Look at Before Conception

Getting pregnant may sometimes seem like it is a straightforward process with hardly any hitches, especially to those who have never had to actively try for a baby. Science has proven otherwise and it is now common knowledge that fertility and conception is a combination of various factors.


Age is the biggest determining factor with regard to fertility. It is said that fertility in a woman is at its peak in her late twenties and by her early thirties things begin to change. The quality and quantity of her eggs begin to dwindle at this stage. It may be a slow process but conceiving after 40 becomes harder. Miscarriages also increase after this age.


Weight affects conception only if it affects your ovulation. Find out your BMI (Body Mass Index) so that you know whether you are within the appropriate weight range for your height.If you are underweight or overweight and you have irregular periods then it is important to remedy it with a change in weight first.

An underweight person should look into gaining a few pounds if they are having irregular periods but an overweight woman with irregular periods should consult a doctor first because there may be other problems that may have developed as a result of the extra weight.

Stress levels

Stress hormones affect getting pregnant since they are said to interfere with the production of estrogen. Studies are not conclusive but being stressed out cannot be good for making babies. Depression could also contribute to a problem with conceiving because emotional problems have been linked to difficulty in conceiving.

Seeing a mental health professional and getting a support group could help deal with your mental state so as to improve your wellbeing and your chances of conceiving.

Eating habits

You are what you eat so eating healthy means that you will be healthy. Pregnancy requires certain nutrients for the baby to flourish and doctors advise that you eat more of these foods that are rich in folic acid.These include green leafy vegetables. You can also take a folic acid supplement, also before you get pregnant. Folic acid will prevent neural tube defects in your baby but it only works if it is taken before conception.

You should also cut back on caffeine since it may affect conception. Some doctors say it does not have an effect on pregnancy but you would rather be on the safe side.


Are your periods regular? An irregular cycle could be too short (less than 22 days) or too long (more than 36 days) and it could be an indication that there is something wrong with your ovaries. This of course affects fertility and your ability to get pregnant.

As much as every woman has a different kind of cycle you should see a doctor if you suspect any kind of problem. It may be caused by medical conditions like fibroids, polycystic ovarian syndrome or even thyroid disease. Thankfully they can all be treated.


People take medications over the counter without much thought to the effect they may have on their fertility. It is only a specific type of drug that would affect fertility though. These are drugs that affect the production of follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) and luteinizing hormone (LH).

Lifestyle habits

Smoking and alcohol do not have a place in the lifestyle of one looking to get a baby. This applies to both men and women because men may end up with a low sperm count and poor quality sperm if they continue with these vices.

Men also have to get checked for fertility because there are some factors that affect their fertility as well.

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