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8 Tips for Choosing a Sport for Your Child

In recent years, sports have soared to new heights and a career in sports is the envy of many. All the athletes that excel in this field did not start in their prime to become champions overnight, most started at a tender age.

As a parent, you will notice your child being drawn to certain activities sports included. Most dads spend a lot of time throwing balls and shooting hoops with their kids so its’ easier for them to notice their child’s interests and prowessin sports. As a father, you want what’s best for your child but how can you know what sport that is?

Expose the child to various sports and be observant

This is the first step that helps your child pick out their favorite sports from a variety of them. Watch sports on television with them and keenly observe for interest, you will soon be able to tell when they keep leaning towards one in particular. They will constantly talk about it and analyze a match you watched together while giving suggestions on the game.

Find out if they are a team player or not

Find out from your child whether they prefer playing as part of a team or like flying solo. This should be easier after exposing them to both sides of the sporting world as you will both have an idea of what they like.

Your child’s body type should also dictate the type of sport they play. If for instance they are agile and lithe and they love water, then swimming would be best. However, do not push your child into something they don’t like, let them choose what they love.

Spend time with them learning the basics

By now you should have a narrow list of favorites your child is interested in for the practice to begin. To avoid confusion, make sure you plan to play one sport at a time, for example, you can decide to focus on basketball for the entire school term.

That way, your child will have enough time to understand the game for a better decision in the future. You will also find that as a parent, you are spending more time with them in a fun and vital way.

Other tips

  •          Before engaging in any sports, make sure your child is in good health. If they have been sickly since birth, you want to visit the doctor first for a checkup and the green light to go ahead. This is because not every child can handle the exertion that comes with sports.
  •          If you notice your child isn’t interested in sports, don’t force the matter on them just to keep the family’s football players’ legacy going. Let them make their own choice as they are their own individual not a photocopy of the men in the family.
  •          Dads tend to focus more on boys when it comes to sports as girls are perceived to prefer playing with dolls. Never assume that, give them an equal chance as they might surprise you. Female athletes excel in various fields around the world same way men do therefore, engage your daughter!
  •          If you notice your child’s weight is affecting their movement hindering playing, start simple with a bicycle. A skate board is also another good idea to get your child’s groove on. This will ensure that they get active to avoid laziness and hiding in the house.
  •          Finally as a father, you need to find the time to play with your child. Constantly failing to show up for a play date will be disappointing and might cause them to quickly lose interest in the game.

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