8 Ways to Reclaim Your Time and Strengthen Emotional Intimacy With Your Spouse

Emotional intimacy refers to the emotional connection between you and your spouse. A relationship that works is made up of genuine emotional connection and good habits. Emotionally intimate couples can communicate with each other well notwithstanding any disagreement. This intimacy helps couples surmount issues and wax stronger in love. You can improve emotional intimacy between you and your partner through the following ways:

1. Limit your time online

A lot of people spend so much time online. We have become so glued to the internet that we forget that there is life off the internet. You need to know that you have a family to care for. If you need to check your emails, reply to some text or keep in touch with people, don’t let it occupy most of your time or prevent you from having quality time with your family. You can allocate a certain minute to check the internet and reply to important emails. Do not let the internet come between you and your spouse. 

2. Communicate openly and fairly

Communication cannot be ruled out in any relationship expected to last long. In situations of a difference of opinion, contrast, or conflict, couples should calmly confront each other. Both parties should listen with calm, respect, and empathy to the reasons and points of view of the other. 

This should be done without any prejudice, and above all with full awareness. If possible, do not allow more than 24 hours to pass after a possible quarrel to try to resolve the problem or overcome the conflict situation as soon as possible. 

3. Hire a nanny if you can

Marriage life can be demanding. This is usually because you have so many things to attend to. Unlike when you were single, you now have a family, kids, work, house chores, and some other things to put in place. Usually, taking care of the kids, cleaning the house and work leave you with little time for your spouse. To avoid this, you can hire a nanny to do the house chores and take care of your kids. This way, you have a great time to spend with your spouse. 

4. Learn to forgive

Couples should learn to forgive each other’s wrong. Forgiveness is an act of love that belongs to the generous-hearted people. Those who cannot forgive cannot say that they truly know how to love. In some situations, forgiveness may look like a difficult thing to do but both couples should let love override their differences. For your relationship to last, forgiveness should not be far-fetched. 

5. Try out new things

Routine in relationships can be boring. Find out new ways to spice up your relationship. Go to the beach and other places of interest. Go on dinner dates, visit your favorite restaurant and see a movie at the cinema. Take time off from work and go on a vacation. You can leave your kids at your parents’ or leave them to a trusted friend or relative. 

6. Divide up consuming tasks

While some people may opt for a nanny, you may decide to divide consuming tasks and do them yourself. You can split these tasks and do them in bits. You can come up with a calendar to help you do home chores easier. Some tasks like washing the plate may be done daily while others like washing the clothes may be done during the weekend. You can also make use of a washing machine, dishwasher, and other appliances to make your chores easier and faster. 

7. Do things together

Couples who do things together have confirmed that it helped increase the love and intimacy between them. You may adopt this method by including your spouse in your plans and tasks for the house. Both of you can clean the house together, cook together, sing the kids to sleep, cut the grasses, feed the pets, or shop for groceries together. This will help both of you spend more time together and have some form of heightened and deep connection. 

8. Don’t look for perfection

Remembering that no one is perfect is an often forgotten golden rule. This rule if properly observed, can help prevent unnecessary tension, performance anxiety, and stress in the couple. If we don’t accept our partner’s limitations or tolerate his or her flaws and imperfections, we most likely don’t love him enough or maybe we don’t understand the true meaning of love. Know that your spouse is not perfect and forgive them when you should. 

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