8 Ways You Can Deal With Heartbreak

The end of a relationship marks the beginning of sadness, regret, grief, and loneliness in a person’s life. To Deal with heartbreak, you need to leave the famous pit and accept what happened. Unlike a fling, the end of a relationship comes with great psychological discomfort that may leave the emotional sphere and crawl into the physical. 

This is as a result of knowing that the dreams, expectations, and plans created and nurtured with your loved one, died.  Such pain can last from weeks to months and sometimes, years. When this happens, what do you do? How do you handle the pain of heartbreak? How do you bounce back on your feet? We have carefully listed 8 ways you can deal with heartbreak. 

1. Accept the Reality and Your mistakes

The first step to take when your relationship ends is to accept reality. It is often a very difficult thing to do because it always looks like a joke. You keep wondering if it’s over for real. Yes, it is and it’s time to move on with your life. You need to accept the reality, face the situation head-on, and step into a new and fulfilling world. 

You don’t necessarily need to blame your partner. What is more important is for you to deal with heartbreak, heal, and be better. Assess the things you did in the relationship. How were you wrong? What could you have done differently? How would you react if things repeat themselves today? What are the changes you should make? Approach these questions sincerely. 

Do not torture yourself, wallow in self-denial, or keep dreaming of a possible return. It will only worsen your suffering and keep you in the dark. 

2. Forgive

Forgiveness is essential in healing a broken heart. Do not keep blaming yourself or your partner. A good way to deal with heartbreak is to genuinely forgive yourself and whoever hurt you. It helps you heal faster and overcome the pains. Forgiveness is a gradual process. Thus, if you think the weight of the past is too much for you to bear, you can get rid of memories that make you remember your ex. The photos, the gifts, cards, objects, anything! 

3. Get Busy

In situations like this, most people prefer to stay at home alone, cry, and wish things to get back to how they used to be. It is a normal way to react, however, don’t isolate yourself for too long as it leaves you depressed and exacerbates the situation. 

To deal with heartbreak, engage in something. Don’t stay at home and hope for the pain to pass. Get to school, read a book, get a new job, or start a business. You can also find a new hobby or improve the existing one. You can try writing, singing, or even podcasting.

4. Surround Yourself with Cheerful and Optimistic People 

Loving family and friends play a crucial role in your healing process. Being with the people with the right mindset and disposition to life helps you heal faster. To deal with heartbreak, surround yourself with happy and well-to-do people who you can talk to and go for a walk with. They will help you do better and you get to see that there are people who genuinely care about your happiness and well-being. 

5. Don’t Turn Anger into Resentment

The feeling of pain and anger is normal but resentment is a dangerous feeling that can make you look bitter overtime. Make a conscious effort to keep a positive attitude towards yourself and others. Be as cheerful as possible and always approach people politely. 

6. Cry if You Want

This is another unpopular way you can deal with heartbreak. Different people have different ways of reacting to difficult times, heartbreak especially. While some prefer to stay in isolation, others prefer to cry and shout. If that later works for you, do it. Cry and let out your emotions. Do not withhold the tears, allow them to run down your face, and dry up. You will certainly feel lighter and better after crying. 

7. Do More of What You Love

Have you always wanted to take singing lessons but never got the chance to? This is the perfect time to do so. Heartbreak can compel you to do things you never dreamt of. However, one of the major ways to deal with heartbreak is to do what you love. It will take your mind off the bitter experience and give you a new breath of fresh air. You can see a movie, listen to your favorite music, party, or go on a vacation. You may also go for sightseeing or hang out with friends. 

8. Listen to the Right Advice or Seek Professional Help 

When we are sad or witness a heartbreak, we receive advice from the most diverse people. Scrutinize every advice you receive and adopt the right ones. Depending on the depth of your pain, listening to friends and family alone may not be enough to help you deal with heartbreak. Because of this, we advise you to seek the help of a therapist who will use his resources to help you deal with the situation in a healthy way. 

It is normal to see people who have gone through phases of heartbreak to shut their world due to pain and unconscious fear of loving again. These feelings are understandable and part of the healing process. Do not shut your door. There are multitudes of possibilities before you and a large percentage of people that genuinely care for you. There are also very helpful means as listed above that will help you deal with heartbreak. 

For some, ending a once-thriving relationship can be a liberation while for others it is a heart-wrenching experience. For the later, keep positive energy, focus on the bright side, and know that there are life-changing lessons to be learned. The end of your relationship is not the end of life but a beginning to a world of new prospects. Adopt the above steps, they will help you deal with heartbreak. When the time is right, you will be ready and open to a new relationship.

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