9 Attitudes a Wife Expects From Her Christian Husband

Marriage comes with some level of expectation from both parties. Just like the husband, a wife expects to be treated with love and respect among other things by her Christian husband. A woman needs to feel that she is loved and the man who manages to pass this on to her, wins a more stable and satisfied partner. 

If you have been striving to have a blessed Christian marriage and to be an ideal Christian husband to your wife, below are 9 attitudes your wife expects from you. 

1. Make her feel unique and special

Your wife expects you to make her feel special and safe. Every woman has this need to feel truly accepted and loved, regardless of physical defects or any other negative points she may have. 

She wants you to treat her differently from other women, she seeks a positive difference and evidence of her special place in your life. A woman needs to feel secure that she is loved. And the man who manages to pass this on to her wins a more stable and satisfied partner.

2. Be able to listen, share ideas and feelings

Be ready to listen, late to speak, late to be angry. (James 1:19)

Women like to be heard and given attention. They like to communicate and the best way to do that is by talking. That is why she needs a companion who makes her feel good, who listens with attention and patience.

As a Christian husband, learn to exercise patience and take an interest in your wife’s affairs. When she is annoyed, do not worsen the situation. Instead, calm her down and if you are wrong, apologize. These will help your marriage grow against odds. 

3. The wife wants to feel safe and protected by her husband

It was not for nothing that God placed man as the head, as the leader. It is not to rule, but to protect. The strength of the man, whether physical, of character, or as a provider, allows the wife to have the serenity to care for her home.

The man who has a character forged in God learns to be zealous for his home and to transmit to his loved ones this feeling of shelter and protection. But, for that, the man needs to assume his role of being a Man.

This means being a servant within your home, willing to use what you have to transmit peace and tranquility to your loved ones. The man who understands this manages to harvest a much more serene and respectful wife.

4. Romanticism

Marriage can become just a stressful routine when there are no moments of affection, fun, romance. From time to time the wife wishes to be positively surprised by the husband.

There is nothing wrong with being kind, cordial, polite, and also being romantic from time to time. Often writing a letter, buying candy, or even scheduling a dinner for two can be incredibly cost-effective.

5. The wife wants her husband to trust her and express her thoughts

Marriage requires both parties to trust each other. As a Christian husband, your wife expects you to trust her and allow her to freely express herself without holding back. 

She also expects you to confide in her and share your challenges. As your friend and partner, your wife wants you to involve her in your decisions making processes because her opinion matters. 

6. Patience and support

Usually, women are a little more anxious and concerned than men, especially in family matters. So, in times of stress, she wants her husband to be her haven, to say words of encouragement, and to show attitudes of companionship.

This however requires you to be able to make a good idea prevail without contention. You should know how to talk, be affectionate, and listen to opinions. But be firm and decisive when you are sure of your attitudes and arguments.

7. Understand her sex life

As the apostle, Peter teaches. Women are not sex machines. Respect your wife’s rhythm, and learn to speak to them about sexual matters in a calm manner. Sex is not just getting stressed out of work and wanting to de-stress over your wife. Be sensible, she is not a toy. 

Always deposit love and security in your wife’s emotional account, so you will always have some credit available. A good conversation, a simple little gift, but one that shows you love and appreciate her. These are simple things, but they make a difference.

8. If there’s one thing a wife expects from her Christian husband, it’s the truth

A relationship based on lies cannot possibly have the mark of Christ. Christian husbands who lie are opening the door wide open to the devil and undermining the confidence and stability of their home.

Be sincere, remove the masks. This will give your wife the feeling of safety knowing that they can trust you and your words. They can always vouch for you because they trust you. 

9. Effective leadership (1 Cor 11: 3)

The Christian wife will not mind that the man is the head of her home, as Christ is of the Church. But a Head that does not think, plan and act is difficult to be respected. That is why the Christian wife needs to feel that the husband strives to be a good leader, to lead the home responsibly, with goals.

If you are a responsible and honest husband who is zealous about his home and strives to put things in place for the benefit of all, your wife will be submissive and your home will thrive.

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