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9 Essentials in Your Baby’s room

Even before delivery you try to make things easier for your baby/ babies to come by making him/her a beautiful room in your house. It becomes a very important, essential and necessary signs and symptoms of pregnancy period to make sure that each and every element in your baby’s room is as per your wishes and custom made. It takes a lot of time to decide the elements in your baby’s room and every mother and father spend as much time as possible to decide how to decorate the room and what goes where and what colours would look good and the like. Some of the important stages of child development take place in these rooms. Thus they would have to be excellently decorated. Some of the essentials of these rooms are:

  • Choose natural items to be placed in the room. Since you do not know whether the child can have plant allergy or not, you can for the time being place small plants that seem harmless. Environmental safe products which do not cause any internal pollution are very well accepted and can be used to decorate your child’s room.
  • Chemicals in any form should be kept away from these rooms. This would mean by not using air fresheners, phenyl, detergents and the like to clean or wash the room.
  • Wall hangings should be very secure and should not suddenly come off and fall on the floor or on anyone’s head.
  • Paints are the biggest contributor to chemicals in a baby’s room. Thus when you want to try your hand at decorating your infant’s room in fancy colours and patterns, you must also be very -very careful in approaching the correct painters who would use the best natural paints which would not cause any harm to your baby.
  • The room should be extremely ventilated. This is referring to the fact that the room should have many windows and doors and lights should be pouring in. this would make the room airy and fresh and also the light would make the child happy. The child can be taken near the windows and fed keeping him/her glued to the people, actions and animalsoutside.
  • A child loves stuffed toys and light and soft pillows of various colours and patterns. But care should be taken that such things are not kept on the crib or on the bed itself. It can be kept in the room at a distance from the child and given it to him for playing under supervision.
  • The crib is the most important and the fancy item in the room. It sometimes has toys hanging from the ceiling of the crib which attracts the kids a lot.
  • The changing Table is also an important essential. Along with the changing table, there should be diapers, powders and all the essential things at hand.
  • Perambulators should be kept so that your child can go out for a comfortable walk/drive.

These are the important and necessary items that must be kept in his/her room for immediate use.

Bayo Ajibola

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