9 Fashion Item Every Woman Must Own.

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Everyone loves a fashionable lady and looking good as being said is good business.

Here are 9 fashion items every woman must own according to Star stylist Nicole Chavez who has styles Hollywood bigwigs such as  Rachel Bilson, Kristen Bell and Scarlett Johansson


According to Nicole “A tailored blazer is classic, feminine and looks great on all body types. Pair it with anything: jeans, little dresses, trousers, skirts. Make sure to find one that fits you well and accentuates your waist-you don’t want it to look like it’s swallowing you!” So ladies, regardless of your body shape, invest in a black blazer,


NICOLE SAYS “Black is the obvious choice, but red flats provide a pop of color and work for every season. I love to pair them with a striped shirt and a trench coat.”


NICOLE SAYS “This timeless classic is having a comeback. It looks great paired with brights or prints or peeking out from underneath a blazer.” Amazing thing is this kind of shirt can be worn on a casual Friday to work or just to hang out with the girls.


NICOLE SAYS “I believe in having basics in your closet and playing with your accessories. The statement necklace can make a simple outfit look strong and feminine.” For this, you can decide to invest in real and expensive neckpiece or simply invest in some dressy but bold ones.


NICOLE SAYS “Every woman knows she should have a little black dress, but it’s important to invest in one that’s special. Look for a dress with a detail-an interesting sleeve, an embellished belt-that makes it unique. And remember that finding the right fit is important!” The right LBD, can immediately make any lady the center of attention at any social gathering.


NICOLE SAYS “A great pair of tights can make your legs look slimmer and help you get away with wearing a dress that’s a little too short. Double them up for a more opaque look’’


NICOLE SAYS “A watch is as much an accessory as it is a timepiece. A gold watch is a great way to dress an outfit up-try leaving it loose so it looks like a bracelet.” I always advise ladies to have at least 1 to 2 expensive wristwatches in their boxes. It just has its way of transforming a simple look into a sophisticated one.


NICOLE SAYS “This is a flattering shape for most body types. Pair them with platforms or wedges to get extra height while keeping the look casual and comfortable.”


The slip-on sneaker , has proved beyond doubt why it is a wardrobe-. It is comfortable enough to walk miles and very chic.These kinds of sneakers immediately make an outfit look way cooler. These days, they can be paired with a form fitting knee length gown, a short flared gown  as well as on a pencil jean and cool t-shirt.

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