9 Major Benefits of Exercise during Pregnancy

Bayo Ajibola

9 Major Benefits of Exercise during Pregnancy

Benefits of Exercise during Pregnancy. Exercise is important to the human body for various reasons that all lead to better health. Most people don’t have a regular exercise routine and the elevators and cars make that situation a little more difficult. An expectant woman is no different from everyone else with regard to the need for exercise. In fact, she actually needs it more because there is so much to gain from it and it will make her pregnancy journey a little easier. There is a lot she can gain from it but these are the effects she will see for herself.

Reduced fatigue

One of the main things that pregnant women complain about is being constantly tired especially during the first trimester and the last. As much as you shouldn’t strain too much during pregnancy, exercise will make you feel a little better. Take a walk or visit that yoga parlor and you will feel a slight spring in your step (or is it waddle?) afterwards.

Better sleep

Sleep is not easyto come by during pregnancy because of all the changes happening inside you. Muscles are being stretched; regular positions don’t work and don’t forget the trips to the bathroom. Exercising during the day will improve the quality of your sleep at night and you will not wake up feeling like a lawn mower ran you over.

Kick out constipation

Your digestive system is much slower during pregnancy so there will be a considerable amount of constipation. The bloating and strained bowel movements can be a pain but regular exercise keeps your blood flowing a little faster. This means that your digestive system will speed the process up a little and your bowel movements will be better.

Relieving back pain

The odd posture that your back takes during pregnancy takes a toll on your comfort. Back pain is a regular complaint in pregnancy and exercise can help with this. Do pregnancy-safe exercises that strengthen your abs and back muscles and relieve the pressure.

Smiling a lot more

Exercise is known to trigger the release of endorphins in your brain. These are feel-good chemicals that leave you happy and get rid of any anxiety you may have. You know you need to smile after the way this pregnancy is making you feel so go ahead and try it.

Warding off gestational diabetes

There is a specific form of diabetes that plagues some women only during pregnancy and it makes pregnancy a little more difficult than it usually is. Those that are at risk of developing this condition are advised to try exercise as a preventive therapy.


Healthy baby

Moms who exercise during pregnancy have been found to have babies with a healthy birth weight. They are also able to handle the stress that comes with labor much better and recover faster from them.

Possible better labor

It is said that keeping fit during pregnancy will improve your labor. Some say labor will last a much shorter time compared to if you did no kind of exercise. You may also need less medical interventions when in labor.

Better healing

Labor takes a great toll on a woman’s body and your body needs all the help it can get to help it heal. Regular exercise will lead to better and faster recovery and you will have less trouble getting back to your pre-pregnancy size.

It is understandable if you are worried about hurting your baby while exercising during pregnancy but there is minimal risk if you do it right. There is so much to gain from exercise during pregnancy so get a trainer if you have to (or some trainers) and walk your way to a healthy pregnancy.

Bayo Ajibola

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