9 Parenting Hacks That Will Make Life Stress-Free And Fun

Bayo Ajibola

Its no hidden fact that parenting is not the easiest job in the world and parents around the globe search for ways on how to make things not only easier, but educative and fun all at once.

Here are 20 parenting hacks every parent should make use of every now and then.

Use vinegar for minor burns.

Our kids get into accidents all the time and getting a handle on some home remedy for such minor accidents will do us all good. For minor burns, simply soak a small face cloth or paper towel and apply vinegar to the burn till the skin feels cool. Do this immediately to help prevent a blister.


Stop the kids from locking themselves in the bathroom.

Kids locking themselves accidentally in the bathroom is a common sight in most homes and to discontinue this, simply keep the door unlocked by using a rubber band.



Use Humor and cleverness to make your teenagers clean their room

Most teenagers find it really difficult to clean their rooms, not because they can not, but simply because they choose not to. So to make them get off their lazy behinds, leave them this kind of message below.

msgfrom mom

Limit soap usage by twisting a rubber band around the container’s nozzle

Kids, have such love for wasting soap whenever they need to use the bathroom. Most do so without knowing they just might have wasted a huge amount of soap. To curb this, simply tie a rubber band around the container’s nozzle, it will limit the amount of soap pumped out for each use.

soap hack


Get your kids to wear their shoes correctly

Some kids have difficulties wearing their shoes on the correct feet, to help teach them how to put the shoes on correctly, simply get a sticker, cut it into half and place it on the insides of their shoes

shoes on the right feet


Keep apple slices from turning brown

Simply place the apple slices a lunch bag, sprinkle salt over the pieces and give them a quick slosh with water. The brief exposure to salt keeps the apple slices from turning brown and remain fresh all day. Also, be calm, the salty taste won’t be there as the quick slosh with water, helped wash it away.



Remove splinters in a less painful way

We all know removing a splinter can be painful but there is a much easier and less painful way of doing this. Simply make a baking soda paste and apply on the splinter, leave the paste there for a few minutes. In no time, the baking soda will push the splinter out saving your child an unnecessarily painful splinter removal.



Use Pizza boxes as giant canvasses

Kids love to paint and draw any and everything on whatever catches their fancy. To avoid getting your home refurbished with your kid’s paintings, simply create a giant canvass off of a pizza box.

pizza box canvas


Teach your kid the right way to hold a pencil with this trick

Simply give them a wad of Kleenex behind their last two fingers , It will help them hold their pencils in the right form while writing.





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