9 Reasons why Men are Unfaithful

If on any occasion your husband or your partner has cheated on you, it is normal that the first question or thought that comes to your head is: Why? Although all people are different, there are reasons that are repeated in many cases why a man is unfaithful to his partner.

There are many factors within a relationship that can be the triggers for male infidelity. But, among the most common reasons there are the following.

1. Immaturity

In some cases, lack of experience in committed relationships can lead a man to cheat. This is because sometimes unfaithful men who are immature often do not think about the consequences that this act can unleash within their relationship.

2. Addiction problems

Another problem that can lead a man to be unfaithful and dishonest to his partner can be problems with addiction. On many occasions this is due to drug addiction or alcohol, but there are also cases in which infidelity is committed by hypersexuality.

3. Insecurity and low self-esteem

Just like women, unfaithful men often commit this act due to lack of security, confidence and esteem in themselves. In these cases, the unfaithful man seeks to validate his own worth through other women or men in addition to his partner. So much so that this sexual spark is sought and it creates interest in others to feel loved, desired and reinforce their own self-esteem.

4. You don’t know how to end your relationship

One of the reasons a man is unfaithful is basically not knowing how to end his current relationship. In this way, instead of trying to deal with the situation of breaking up with your partner, the male is committed to passing the responsibility to the other person in the relationship.

5. Lack of support within the relationship

Couples should listen to and support each other. Sometimes, due to routine, many relationships end up leaving and forgetting their love for each other. These situations can also lead to a man being unfaithful and a liar in their relationship.

6. Child abuse

A childhood trauma unresolved can lead to attachment and intimacy problems that prevent a person from being completely well within a relationship. In these cases, perhaps an unfaithful man loves his wife or husband and commits this act due to an act of rebellion against these harmful feelings.

7. Selfishness

Being overly selfish is a defect that can lead to certain mental health problems. So much so that one of the characteristics of an unfaithful man can be precisely a selfish personality, since they can lie and keep these secrets without regrets or regard for their partner. 

8. Impulsivity

Impulsiveness is another of the characteristics that unfaithful men usually have. In this way, when the opportunity is presented to them, they simply do it without thinking about the consequences that this act may entail.

9. Anger or revenge

Sometimes male infidelity is committed as an act of simple revenge. In these cases, the infidelity can be revealed simply to hurt the other person.

For the majority of unfaithful men, no factor determines the decision to cheat. In reality, the reasons behind an infidelity can evolve due to circumstances. But despite these problems, there are always other options that we can turn to. For example, couple therapy is a good option to avoid or solve a male infidelity.

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