9 Reasons why Your Partner may not want to have Sex with You

Sex is an integral part of many relationships especially marriage. It helps build intimacy,  committment and trust between couples. However, in some relationships, individuals find out that their partner are not open to having sex with them. This may be due to various reasons and may cause problems if not handled properly. It can happen to anyone that, at some point, your partner may have very low levels of sexual desire, due to many factors. Work, academic and personal problems directly influence your sexual concentration.

It may happen that your partner is going through a trance of that nature, while you are in a maximum state of excitement. This will cause a refusal on your part to have sex.That is why we must analyze the psychological and organic aspects that can generate the lack of sexual appetite. Try to identify the cause of the problem and talk with your partner, so that together you can find a solution.

Possible Psychological Causes

1. Stress

We have all felt stressed at different times in our life. Stress can affect you in many ways, including your sexual level. This is because hormonal alterations occur that cause physical and psychological changes in the person.

2. Sexual dysfunction

This is a very common disorder today. Erectile dysfunction, vaginismus, or anorgasmia can decrease your partner’s sexual desire. To solve it, they should go to a specialist.

3. You both don’t get along

If you are going through an emotional crisis, whether due to jealousy, infidelity, physical or psychological abuse, it is likely that your sexual appetite (or that of your partner) will decrease. In these cases, good communication or seeking professional help is recommended.

4. Sexual monotony

This is one of the biggest enemies of a good relationship. If you have a routine when having intercourse, it is likely that you create boredom in your partner, causing a reduction in the frequency of sexual intercourse. Therefore, you must fill yourself with creativity and practice different sexual games that maintain the spark within the relationship.

5. Moods

Problems personal, family, at work or with friends can cause a decrease in concentration when practicing sexual intercourse.

6. Fear of previous experiences

On many occasions, we let bad sexual experiences make us insecure when it comes to having sex. Fear of the same thing happening again can lower your libido or that of your partner.

Possible Organic Causes

1. Hormonal changes

In many cases, the reason why your partner does not want to have sex is due to hormonal changes. Women are a bit more susceptible to this as their hormones are more frequently altered.

These changes can occur for different reasons such as: menstruation, menopause or pregnancy. In the case of men, especially middle-aged men, andropause is the first cause of an alteration in their sexual desire.

2. Drug consumption

There are many medications that can cause a decrease in sexual desire; among them we can locate those that are used against anxiety, anticonvulsants, antidepressants, antipsychotics, drugs for blood pressure control, analgesics, among others.

3. Diseases

There are pathologies that can considerably affect the consistency in the erection of men or the sexual desire in both genders. Circulation problems, diabetes, chronic high blood pressure, among many others, can affect a person’s libido.

These are some of the reasons why your partner may not want to have sex with you. It will help your relationship a lot of you become more understanding. A better way to fix things is to talk about things. Communicate. Ask your partner why he or she doesn’t want to have sex with you, see reasons with them and get to know when they will be ready to make out with you. 

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