9 Signs Your Partner is Mentally Strong

When we speak of a mentally strong person we refer to the ability to perceive reality as it really is, as well as having the skills to manage our emotions in a healthy and productive way. 

Mental strength involves the ability of an individual to cope effectively with the various factors, stress, pressures and challenges that you may encounter in your relationship and day-to-day life. This means that mentally strong people try to perform as best as they can despite the circumstances in which they find themselves.

Signs that Your Partner is Mentally Strong 

There are a series of signs or attitudes that can help us identify a strong partner. They include: 

1. Emotional independence

People that are not mentally strong often depend on others to a faulty extent. Instead, mentally strong people have a clear and strong sense of themselves. They are not  too dependent, manipulative, possessive or controlling. This implies that they know how to deal with their own problems with little or no help. 

2. Healthy self-esteem

Those that are mentally and emotionally strong know and accept their strengths and weaknesses. In fact, they are individuals who have learned to self-assess and validate themselves with precision. Therefore, they do not depend on the praise of others nor are they devastated by rejection.

3. Proactivity

Instead of being passive or reactive, being mentally strong implies taking responsibility for the acts that happen in our lives. If there is a problem, people can weigh their options and make a decision. While a passive person tends to feel overwhelmed when he must take any action or decision, reactive people often react automatically rather than make conscious decisions but a mentally aware person is proactive. 

4. Emotional intelligence

Being strong psychologically also implies being in contact with your emotions. In fact, a strong person knows how to recognize exactly what he feels, the reason behind these emotions and what is their meaning.

5. Empathy

Strong people tend to have so much empathy for themselves and also for others. That is, you understand how those around you feel, as well as their thoughts, actions, and why. Through your observations, you will be able to act accordingly without hurting anyone or yourself. 

6. Adaptability

Adaptability to any type of situation is one of the most useful character traits you can have. In fact, mentally strong people are able to adapt to change quickly and remain stable in a situation that is problematic or unexpected for them.

7. Accept what is and what is not under your control

Being strong also implies understanding what is and is not out of control. When someone wants to have everything under control it is one of the most common signs of anxiety and  weakness. 

8. Healthy relationships

The foundation of all healthy relationships is limits. In this way, mentally strong people treat those around them fairly while respecting their own limits. When mentally strong people come across someone who seems toxic or unhealthy, they make a decision about it rather than reacting passively or emotionally.

9. They know how to say ‘no’

Having a strong character also means knowing when to say no to others. Therefore, these people feel comfortable defending themselves and have learned to say no to actions that violate their limits.

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