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How to have a happy marriage.

Love, care, and trust are three essential factors that the bond of marriage, either they are newly wedded, or they have been married for long. To strengthen the bond couples share, the wife must correct/avoid any of these traits in their marriage.


  1. Under no circumstances should wife’s WITHHOLD SEX for their husband as punishment for something they have done in the past?
  2. Forgiveness is another important part of any marriage life. Never forget to be limitless for your forgiveness. Husbands are human like another being, they can make mistakes with the best of them, so always be willing to forgive and let’s love rain.
  3. Be your husband best friend never underestimates the importance of doing things your husband likes to do. Spend time doing most of the things he likes to do. Take an interest in some of his hobbies. Most of the greatest memories you can make together are when you’re spending time together.
  4. Never keep any secret from your husband. Keeping secret might cause more harm than good when your husband gets to know about them. It’s much better when you find a time he is happy and pour out your mind to him.
  5. Some wife’s lost it when it comes to dressing up. Never take for granted your physical appearance. Men are visually excited, so dress with the goal of pleasing him. I’m not saying you have to dress like a stripper, but do the best with what you have. Always appear both physically and sexually appealing to your husband eye.
  6. Never forget to celebrate your partner regularly. Men are like children; they are propelled and motivated by praise. You cannot tell him too often how nice and fine he looks, what a good dad or what a good provider he is, how much he still turns you on, etc. Simply be his biggest cheerleader.
  7. Never put your relationship with your children before your relationship with your husband. Balance the love in your home. Don’t stop being a mother, but just don’t make your kids more important than your relationship with your husband.
  8. Never for once look down, criticize or belittle your husband in public. A husband’s ego is fragile and being critical of him in public or to your girlfriends is crushing.
  9. Husband isn’t perfect, and most of them know it. Being disrespectful is what most husbands despise most husbands aren’t that perfect, and most of them have that in mind. Notwithstanding their imperfections, it turns out that most men respond quite well to correction when it’s given in a loving and constructive way. Men like it when they are respected. There are ways you may be unknowingly disrespecting your husband. Common ways include not consulting him on important decisions, constantly interrupting him while he’s speaking, or always second-guessing his decisions.

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