9 Things You Will Find Difficult Just Before You Give Birth

Bayo Ajibola

9 Things You Will Find Difficult Just Before You Give Birth


Pregnancy is a long and beautiful journey and like any journey, it gets tougher as you go along. You may wonder how tough carrying a little human in your belly could be but it actually can. Mundane activities that you would carry out without thinking about them twice become tedious chores for you. The following may just be really difficult for you towards the end!

Sitting for prolonged periods

Sitting is a regular part of the day because it offers you a moment of rest from the day’s ups and downs. It is always a welcome reprieve but overdoing it may not be as comfortable as it used to be. Sitting down for long periods may be rather uncomfortable and could lead to a little pain sometimes.


This very precious commodity comes of its own volition during the day and you find yourself snoozing when you least expect it. The irony is that sleeping is not that comfortable anymore towards the last leg of your pregnancy. Sleeping on the right side squishes your vital organs, on your back reduces blood flow to your precious baby and you are not certain that you will stay on your left the whole night. You may also find that your bladder won’t quite let you sleep through the night.

All this plus the possibility of a pulled nerve and a painful back can limit how well you snooze. This is where sleeping aids like pillows come in handy to help you stay asleep throughout the night.

Prolonged walking or standing

Your body is releasing toxins for two and trapping extra fluids in your tissues. Your feet will get swollen very fast and this may be uncomfortable. Add to this the extra weight you are carrying around and walking a few meters feels as though you are walking from one country to another.

Providing regular care to kids

Those with older children have a really hard time getting them off their back. Regular playtime will still include getting down on all fours and any kind of help that you usually offer will still be solicited. Nothing changes in your older child’s schedule.

When you feel like a ten-ton elephant all this can be quite a task for you. It could even feel wrong!


People say that pregnancy creates a ‘nesting’ feeling in you. Apparently you are ideally supposed to want to clean and tidy up in preparation for your bundle of joy but do you really have that energy in your last few weeks? Picking up a broom or even thinking of cleaning the dishes you used in the morning is quite tiring! Forget scrubbing the floors on all fours!


You can easily get away with ‘eating for two’ in your third trimester considering that everyone can see the second party. There is however just not enough space in there! You may be genuinely hungry but you get full so fast and you wonder whether you overestimated your appetite.


Pregnant women are advised to stay fit and exercise but who can lift a leg at nine months? Squats? Jogging? A walk maybe. A waddle to be precise.


This is the hardest task because apart from nothing fitting you, you feel like nothing looks good on you. Putting pants onto your legs is a task and getting them off is just not fun. Those sweat pants suddenly look appealing!


Looking at a pregnant woman will let you know just how long nine months is. A large belly, constantly tired body and incessant talk of the due date will remind you how eagerly she is waiting for the baby. You just wish the little guy would pop out and let you rest!

Bayo Ajibola

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