9 Undisputed Signs that He will Never Marry You

People get into a relationship with someone they love with the intention to marry each other and spend the rest of their lives together. However, after some years of having a good relationship, there seems to be doubts and questions with respect to where the relationship is headed. For women, they tend to be unsettled and keep on asking when their partner will take things to the next level.

It is extremely difficult and indescribably painful to think of all the time you have spent with him, maybe years, making plans, imagining a future together, and suddenly having to worry about whether it will last or if he will leave you at any moment because you are not enough for him.

This is definitely one of the worst situations a woman could ever go through. You may want to know if your current partner is willing to settle down with you, even if it’s not now probably because he is not ready and still has other things to do. The signs below will help you find out and also decide whether or not to leave or to continue hoping for something positive.

1. He gets indecisive when you ask

Most guys know within a year whether they will have a long-term future with their women or not. Even if he hasn’t deliberately thought about it, his gut gives him an instant answer, yes or no.

And that’s why when a guy gives answers like “I’m not ready” or, “I don’t know, give me time to think about it”, it’s usually an excuse designed to give you some breathing space, and a sign that he really doesn’t want to get married.

2. He said yes, but refuses to set a date

Sometimes, a guy is so tired of the demands of a woman trying to make him commit, that he ends up committing himself to her, but always putting or postponing the wedding date. This is because he does not intend to marry her in the first place, but he doesn’t have the courage to tell her that.

Then he will actually propose to her – but without the slightest intention of setting a date. Whether he is constantly refusing to set a definite date or postponing the big day, or even refuses to have a wedding conversation in general, it is a big sign that he has no intention of getting married.

3. He says he doesn’t want to get married

When a man says something, believe him. And if he says he doesn’t want to get married, he doesn’t really want to get married. If he says he will never get married, that’s another story. 

Men are usually honest when it comes to marriage. They usually don’t like pretending that they want to get married so when one says he doesn’t want to, he doesn’t really want to. A man will never tie himself to a woman if he doesn’t give her. There is no point in trying, he won’t marry you if he doesn’t want to.

4. He shows no commitment to the audience

If he is cold or a little distant when you are among other people, it means that he is not confident enough to introduce you as his girlfriend. That is, he is not really committed to you.

A guy who is not willing to say he is in a serious relationship with a woman in public is not going to plan a future with her, let alone a wedding. Someone who loves you and wants a future with you will always want to show the world that you are his and things are serious between you. 

5. He says his family won’t approve

It is not a new thing for parents to be against who their kids want to marry. However, a man who loves you and wants to settle down with you will fight for you. If he was serious about marrying you, he would find a way to convince his family that you are the right woman for him – or at least defend you and show them how wrong they could be about you.

True love always finds a way out. If he uses the family view as the necessary support to make him not commit to you, it means he doesn’t plan to marry you.

6. He doesn’t address you as a girlfriend

A guy who has trouble calling you his girlfriend will probably never call you his wife. Men love to show off their woman. They always want to show their girlfriends off to their friends. You go for parties and other events with them and they never let go of your hand in public. 

He will always stay close to you and introduce you to his friends as his woman. If he doesn’t address you as a girlfriend currently, it may be difficult for his to move on to the next level.

7. He doesn’t want you to meet his family

When a man doesn’t take his girlfriend to meet his family, it means he doesn’t take her very seriously. One of the strongest indications that a man is really committed to a woman, is the fact that he includes her in his personal life. He introduces her as his girlfriend to his family and allows you to meet them. 

8. He is hostile when it comes to the future

If you are talking about “the future”, he probably knows what you’re talking about and if he gets hostile and angry when you talk about what he thinks and expects from the future, that’s not a good sign.

When a man does not talk about the future with a woman, he is not thinking about anything in the long run with her. Of course, he won’t show her the cards, because even though he doesn’t want a future, he still wants her around. For at least a certain time. So if he gets angry when you talk about making a serious commitment, it means he has no wedding plans on his mind.

9. He has a thousand and one excuse for not getting married

If he keeps making up new excuses for not getting married, he is screwing you up because he doesn’t want to directly embrace this cause. For example, if he says, “We don’t have money, I need to make more” but he doesn’t say how much more money, or when he hopes to make more money, he doesn’t really care about the future. 

It is just a convenient excuse and one that is out of your control. Often, he’ll get the raise he’s looking for – but then he’ll move on to another excuse, like “no, I want to have a house first”, or “I’m too young” because he doesn’t really want to get married. 

These are some of the major signs to look out for if you feel like your boyfriend is taking too long to propose to you. You need to take your time, think properly and make a decision so that you do not spend great years of your life with someone who doesn’t want you to be in their future. 

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