9 Ways to Be Happily Single On Purpose

There is a saying, “Single, yes, not alone”. And if that is not your case, what can you do? Being single and happy for the modern woman is not always an easy task. As modern as it is, society still imposes many things on women and, if you are not aware of the small details of life and get carried away, this can be a reason to start freaking out. 

So, before you enter a relationship just to not feel alone, take a look at these tips that can get you out of a very, very pain in the ass boyfriend.

1. Watch movies

To start in the best and most direct style, leave home and watch movies at the cinema. It’s not worth staying at home watching Netflix or the like. This will only make you stay at home even more and not have fun. Leaving the house to go to the cinema will make you meet people, maybe you will meet a casual friend and your mood will start to change. Your mood changes only when you leave the house and decide not to stay under the blanket anymore.

2. Listen to music 

When was the last time you put on your favorite music at home and danced alone? It’s time to do that again. Jump, spin, scream, sing, allow yourself to be single and happy for that little moment when the only thing you care about is singing the lyrics of your favorite song.

If so, use your headset and dance with your cell phone, don’t let anything or any lame excuse stop you from being happy, even for that little moment. If you know how to play an instrument, take an afternoon to have fun with your instrument. It will be worth it.

3. Go to the gym

This doesn’t mean that your body isn’t nice or that you need to improve your body. It means that when you go to the gym, you start to create relationships with the most varied people and this can be very cool for you to start to bond with different people and increase your cycle of friendships. If you are thinking of going to the gym to find your other half, you may be wrong. Get away from it. Go to connect with your body and make new friends.

4. Read more

Many people say that we should read good books. Only nobody says what “good books” are. So, what should you read? Something you like and something that makes you happy. If you like to read novels, read on. If you like to read humor, read it. If you like to read tragedies, read them. If you like to read erotic, read it. The idea is not to deprive yourself of what you like but give pleasure.

5. Fix your house

Some people say that messy environments are great for creative people in the process of creating. However, this is not your case. So clean up your house and you will feel so good that doing the tips above will be even more enjoyable. After all, nobody likes to be in a dirty, messy, and unorganized environment.

6. Go for a walk

Walking is very good exercise. In addition to helping you lose weight and tone your leg muscles, it is an activity that puts you in touch, in connection, with your most intimate being. It is a time when you are alone and thinking about your life. Use it to your advantage and it will be much more profitable. Go to the beach or some park.

If you don’t have a beach or parks in your city, don’t make excuses. Start by taking a walk around the block, then maybe two, three, or walk to the mall and give yourself a prize for the walk. It can be a shoe, an outfit, a book, whatever you want. 

7. Get rid of toxic people

To be well with yourself you need to take care of the people around you. Whether through social networks or your true circle of friends. Don’t be around people you don’t feel good about and don’t want to be with. The worst thing you can do with yourself is to say “yes” when you mean “no” and vice versa.

Toxic people will put you down, out of tune with your body and your positive vibe. Runaway from them as the Devil runs away from the cross. Eliminate it yourself. In real life, toxic friendship gradually disconnects. Thus, it becomes a gradual and natural thing and not something so sudden.

8. Be grateful

Exercise gratitude. Being grateful opens doors in this world. Want a nice tip? Take a glass jar and whenever you feel grateful for something, write it down on a piece of paper and put it inside. If you are ever feeling sad, go back in that little pot, open it, and take, randomly, any piece of paper. At that moment, you will be remembering the things for which you are grateful. You can bet that you will be much more in tune with yourself and chase away the sadness.

9. Love yourself 

All other tips will do no good if you don’t love yourself. If you don’t like what you see in the mirror, it will be difficult to genuinely love yourself. This does not mean that you have to be in the mold of society/advertising/media. You can be happy with yourself the way you are. If you don’t like your appearance so much, you can make little adjustments. 

Lose weight, gain weight, adjust your look, cut your hair, dye your nails, move. What matters here is to throw that low mood away and accept the things you cannot change and decide to change those you do not want to accept. Take care of yourself. Love yourself.

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