9 Ways to Increase Your Sex Drive

The sexual appetite can occur at certain times of your life. On many occasions, the desire to have sex with your partner or in other types of relationships can almost disappear. When a person has a low sex drive, there can be many reasons behind it. Did you come here to find answers about your lack of sexual appetite? The first thing you should know is that your sexual appetite is unique, as you are unique as a person.

How to regain your sexual appetite?

There are a series of tips that you can follow to end your sexual loss of appetite and re-experience the urge to have sex. Among the most recommended are the following.

1. Prepare your wish, work it

In order to leave sexual loss of appetite behind, it is important that you focus on investigating why it arises. The reasons behind this lack of sexual appetite can be useful for many other aspects that may be affecting you in your day to day.

2. Get out of your comfort zone

Give yourself time, look for it erotic, the preliminaries, the signs of affection, the invitation to contact. Seek gentle and conscious contact and avoid focusing on the purely sexual and genital. Seek pleasure for pleasure, enjoy it without further pretense, removing the orgasm from the spotlight: The key to reaching orgasm is not chasing it.

3. Research your sexuality

If you do not have a stable partner, do some research on your sexuality. Reserve a weekly time to explore your sexuality through the 5 senses with the aim of discovering your body, its sensations, your own pleasure beyond the genital.

4. Cultivate the sexual appetite

If you have a partner, find quality time to cultivate sexual desire . Go on a date, set aside the time you dedicate, seduce, subtly propose, and let whatever happens. Look for the erotic more than the genital. In a Relationship it is very important to communicate without demanding.

5. Get to know yourself

Know your body, what you like, what excites you, learn to see yourself, to value yourself, to like yourself nicely. It is very crucial in you hunt for discovering a good sex drive and will definitely make you feel great. 

6. Communicate

Express what you like, dare to ask for it and accept the requests of your sexual partner; negotiate the conditions for joint desire and pleasure to arise.

7. Choose the type of relationship you want

In a relationship, pleasure, tenderness and affection are shared. So it avoids toxic relationships or that they don’t allow you open communication.

8. Have healthy habits

Keep your physical body healthy and active by exercising regularly. Physical activity improves your mood and with your spirits, it improves libido. Avoid tobacco and alcohol, as they are depressants of the nervous system. Eat a balanced, low-fat diet.

9. Manage your stress

Stress can lead to a situation of sexual loss of appetite. Therefore, it can be a good help to practice emotional self-control techniques to manage stress. Meditation, yoga, mindfulness, etc.

The sexual appetite can occur for many reasons and reveal information about our mental and physical health. That is why it is important to pay attention to this lack of sexual appetite. Enjoying our most intimate relationships is also an important part of our life.  

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