Hoping to tie the Knot? 5 ways to Spot the Right Partner

Choosing the right partner tends to be an uphill task for most people. For some, their criteria are extraordinary. Most times they do not look out for the vital things. They are either after looks, financial status, height, or the likes. 

These things are great but there are way more important things than them. Have you thought about compatibility? Does your partner want to see you grow? Will he/she support your dreams? These and more are vital questions most people overlook. 

If you have been looking for ways to know if your partner is the right person for you, this article has been carefully written to help you ace this phase of life. 

5 Ways to Know the Right Partner

1. He/She trusts you completely

Trust is one of the major foundations of every relationship. Trust can be built in ages but lost in a fraction of seconds. Your partner should trust your words and actions. Someone who questions your words, spies on you, or asks friends to keep an eye on you when you are away from him/her is not worth the stress. 

Trust is vital for a successful relationship. The right partner should not suspect your moves or check your messages and social media accounts to find out if you are cheating on them. True love requires trust. If they trust your words, actions, and relationships with people, then they shouldn’t bother spying on you. 

2. The right partner supports your dreams

Dreams are not set in one day. Anyone you’ll be spending the rest of your life with should accept your dreams, respect the process of achieving them, and support you in any possible way they can. 

Your partner should always be there when you need them. If you encounter challenges, you should be able to speak to them about it. They should encourage you and help you seek possible solutions to the problem. 

They should be your number one fan. He/she is supposed to cheer you up in whatever it is you do. They should not make you feel like your dream is not good enough or that it’s too difficult to achieve. They can help you tweak your dreams but not cancel them completely. 

3. Disagreement doesn’t end the relationship

Partners are two people from different backgrounds. The way they see and understand things vary. As a result of this, they tend to disagree on certain things. For partners that genuinely love and understand themselves, such disagreement is not the end of their relationship. 

Most people believe that partners should agree on everything. However, the truth is, there should be room for disagreement. Individual differences will at some point come to play. Partners can argue without hurting each other physically or with their words. The argument may enable both to see each other’s perspective. It’s not about who wins the argument or loses. It’s about the process and what happens afterward. 

How did you both handle the situation? Did you reach common ground? Was a solution provided to the problem at hand? These are the striking questions you and your partner should be able to answer. If your partner hits you during an argument or ends the relationship, then he/she is not meant for you. Take note of the red flags. Do not overlook them. 

4. You can be You

In any relationship or marriage, there is no need for pretense. You don’t have to act or speak some type of way for your partner to like you. If your partner doesn’t appreciate the way you look, speak, or act then you should reevaluate the relationship. 

How long will you keep pretending? How long will you stay with someone who doesn’t accept you the way you are? Or someone who is not proud of you? If you keep pretending in order to keep a man or a woman then the relationship is not worth fighting for. 

However, your partner accepting you for who you are does not mean you should stick to your bad ways or poor character. If the way you behave is wrong, change for good. Amend your ways. No one wants to be with a toxic person or someone who lives a wayward life. 

If your partner speaks to you about a certain habit he/she doesn’t like, be sincere with yourself. If it’s wrong, change it and apologize if necessary. 

5. They are concerned about your growth and success

Marriage is not just meant for procreation. When you are choosing a partner, go for someone who wants to see you grow. Someone who is concerned about your success. They make it a point of duty to make you better than they found you. 

The right partner should constantly seek ways for both of you to excel and accomplish great things. He or she will help you grow financially, emotionally, spiritually, and in all ramifications. 

When you are with such a person, you’ll realize your zeal to succeed increases. Both of you work hand in hand to do great things, for yourselves and your family. 

Choosing the right partner is not always simple considering individual differences and other factors. Take note of the red flags in your relationship. Do not cling to the ‘they’ll change’ belief because most times they don’t. These vital tips should give you an insight on what to look out for. There may be other factors but ensure you do not miss the ones above. 

What other ways do you know the right partner? If you are married, how did you spot him or her? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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