A 43-year-old Catholic Priest was discovered dead after spending the night at a hotel with an alleged lover.

Bayo Ajibola

A 43-year-old Catholic priest named Joseph Kariuki Wanjiku was discovered dead in puzzling circumstances at Monalisa Hotel Delview in Gatanga. He had been accompanied by a woman believed to be his girlfriend.

The priest had arrived at the hotel on Friday evening, accompanied by a woman described as his girlfriend. On the morning of July 8, the woman hurriedly took him to Kenol Hospital after he started feeling unwell.

43-year-old Catholic Priest found dead after spending night in hotel with alleged girlfriend

Unfortunately, Joseph Kariuki Wanjiku was pronounced dead upon arrival at the hospital. His lifeless body was found in the back seat of his car, which had been used to transport him to the medical facility. It was partially covered with a hotel bedsheet, and there were indications of white foam emanating from his mouth and nose. The exact cause of his death remains unknown.

The police responded to the incident and have taken possession of the body, commencing an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the priest’s demise. The woman, identified as the priest’s girlfriend, is being interviewed by the authorities to gather more details about the events leading up to his death.

According to the police report, the pair checked into the hotel on Friday evening, and the priest started feeling unwell the following morning.

As part of their ongoing investigation, the authorities have collected the food and beverages consumed by the priest and his girlfriend during their hotel stay for further analysis. This examination aims to determine if any substances ingested could have contributed to the priest’s premature death.

The news of the priest’s mysterious passing has prompted an outpouring of sorrow from Kenyans on various social media platforms. Many have expressed condolences to his family and the Catholic Church, acknowledging the positive impact he had on the community.

Netizens Reactions…

@Tina Kaloki said; “Condolences to his family and the church. Rest in peace, priest.”

@Faith K Mwania said; “remembered the priest as a remarkable preacher, recalling his visits to their church in Donholm.”

@eldoradogroups commented; “It’s time catholic to allowing father’s to be getting married.”

@benny_chinonso said; “This might just be the result of breaking his personal covenant with God; that anyday he meets with a lady, let God take his life🤔. Mercy upon his soul IJN🙏”

@_mrkrazy said; “Let the pastors and priest breath please don’t surfucate them”

@cutehephzylite wrote; “My Judgement will begin from my house… The sifting has begun… More false prophets will be exposed.”

Bayo Ajibola

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