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A Close Focus at Life with a Newborn

Life with a newborn can be tough especially for those who have just had their first baby. You constantly have to watch him, changing his nappies; feed him-it just never ends. For women who have been through this, the thought never scares them.

In fact, they are so happy when they see them now walking and talking and the kids happy and healthy.  It`s simply a woman`s joy. There are many things that you`ll experience as the mother to your newborn. Most definitely, you would not be warned about them and many have had completely new experiences that they live to tell.

Some of these experiences are very emotional and fraught. While children, parenting and births are different, the life with a newborn is very challenging and it certainly needs you to be prepared.

Keeping these thoughts away from you wouldn’t make it any easier for you and if you have any advice to parents-to be, feel free to let it out.

Having a baby, especially for the first time, can be so magical and the feeling of being a mum would just take you away. However, there are things that you need to know about life with a newborn.

·         When giving birth, you’ll have a completely different experience from the one you expected.

Giving birth is painful. That`s a fact. Your body will not be the same and you`ll find difficult in sitting, standing and taking a bath. This is so because you have been sewn with stitches and you`ll feel pain with every single stretch of a muscle.

Giving birth is basically one of the most painful experiences that women go through in their lifetime, but that shouldn’t scare you because people have done it again and again. You`ll get help from your doctors and midwifes. It is also important that you take your medication as prescribe so that you can be well in short time.

·         It`s hard to feed a baby

You are used to being a lone and taking care of yourself only. Now that you have a baby, you have to give him or her first priority. You and your baby must learn how to breast feed. That includes ensuring that feeding is done in the most hygienic way possible.

You`ll find that most of the time you`ll be sterilizing your kids feeding bottles. Breast feeding is basically tough and you may realize that for days, you are not seeing any milk and your baby is crying. Always try to persevere when experiencing this and ask for advice from people who have gone through the same.

·         You`ll find yourself crying lot.

Everyone would be happy for you and they will bring you presents. But the pain and the feeling that comes when everyone is expecting you feel good makes you break down.

It`s okay to cry and you can do it as many times as you wish. Just curdle you baby and do anything you think it’s appropriate to make you feel better.

·         At times things won`t go as planned

You are too busy taking care of the baby and it will be hard for you to leave the house. It`s ok. Just relax on the sofa, curdle your baby and call your mum or any friend.

·         You will have fights with the father of your baby

It`s normal. You will find yourself in pain most of the time and you`ll wonder whether what you are doing is right or wrong. Don`t despair, as long as you are trying your best, keep on.


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