A divorced man wants to marry me. I fear my parents won’t give their consent.

Please hide my identity before you post this. I grew up in a somewhat tight environment. My parents grounded me and didn’t always allow my siblings and I to go out frequently, infact at all. As a result, I was always indoors and I did not have too many friends. My parents were also very uptight and scolded us in a very mean manner. This further made me very shy and quiet. Even in school, I do not associate a lot with people, some people thought I was weird and as such do not get along with me.

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This continued to affect me and the way I relate with people even when I grew up. It continued in the University and I had very few friends. Associating with the opposite sex was even the worst part of it. I shyed away from men and even found it hard to get into a relationship. It was funny and somehow interesting that I left the University without having a close male friend not even to talk of having a boyfriend. I have met a number of guys that are nice and try to come close to me but I still find myself pushing them away.

I am currently 33 and I will be honest with you when I say that I am desperately looking for a man. I hate that I have been so lonely all my life. I don’t have fun, I am always on my own and I don’t feel loved at all. I only feel comfortable around my siblings because we grew up together but now, l live and work alone so I can’t feel the kind of love I have when I am with them. I met this 47 year old man who divorced his wife. He currently stay alone with his two children and the nanny.

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He is a very nice man an calls me frequently. For the first time in my life, I feel loved. He makes me feel like I matter and even when I try to avoid him, he finds a way to speak with me or see me. He is a good man and is comfortable. I am worried that my parents will not accept him because of his age, children and other reasons that are quite obvious. Deep down, I want to marry him even if my parents don’t consent. Apart from the fact that I am getting older, I love this man and he feels same way about me. What do you advise me to do if my parents don’t consent to the marriage? 

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