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A Tooth! And the Price Tag

Babies look so cute when their teeth start showing. It is oh so fulfilling to watch a baby laughing with two teeth popping out! This is a great milestone for both the baby and the parent but just like any major victory in life there will be a challenge and a little struggle.

Teeth start growing during the first year and the baby will have to fight through this one to succeed. As the parent your major duty will be to help them get through the pain and discomfort. Before you think about the pain medication, here are a few things you can try to soothe the baby’s teething pain.

Clean fingers

Gnawing on your fingers may provide great relief to the baby because of the pressure being applied on the gums. Make sure that your fingers are clean before you offer them to your child because you may feed germs to your child and you would not want that because you would have to deal with diarrhea.

Cold piece of cloth

You can take a clean piece of cloth and wet it a little. Put it in the fridge for a little while and rub it onto your baby’s gums. The cold will counteract the pain the baby is feeling.

Cool foods

Cool or chilled foods have the same effect as the piece of cloth. You can choose between yoghurt, chilled bananas, or cool mashed mangoes. These will soothe the pain while at the same time give your baby more nutritional benefits, a double-win for the baby and for you as the parent.

A little TLC

The power of touch has been found to improve how people handle stressful situations. Babies are no different and will need it more often than adults. Take some time to hold and cuddle the baby. The feel-good hormones that it releases in the baby’s body will help them cope better with the pain.

Find them a distraction

Babies have a short attention span but they love to play. Keeping your child occupied will have them focusing on the activity at hand and they can stop concentrating on the pain for a while. The only thing is that children have a lot of energy so you might have to gather all your energy reserves for you to keep up.

Medications are not advisable, especially for children, because of the side effects they may have. The child will also begin lessons on how to react to pain that does not go away instantly. You will feel sorry for your child and sometimes get irritated as well but it is a passing phase.


Bayo Ajibola

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