Accountant Murdered By Couple Over Chicken Roost

Bayo Ajibola
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Idowu Solaja, a chicken roost owner has been allegedly beaten to death by his neighbours, Segun and Sola, over over the roost at their house on Babs Lawal Street in the Ikorodu area.

According to PUNCH Metro Idowu, a chartered accountant, whose house backed the roost, had complained about the  chickens roost to the couple, but instead he was allegedly attacked by the couple. He died shortly after in the hospital.

According to the deceased’ in-law, Jimoh Ayandokun, he said Segun was first rearing pigs, but stopped following so much complaints

He said, “Idowu had complained several times about the smell of the pigs.
“It took nine months and the intervention of the landlord association before he stopped rearing the pigs.
“After that matter was resolved, there was peace in the community and in December 2016, when the suspect’s wife had a party, the deceased attended.”

The deceased elder sister, said Idowu had taken one of his 4 children to school on Monday when he saw some chickens being fed in the roost at Segun’s house.

She said,

 “He went to the house and knocked at the door repeatedly, but nobody answered him. He banged harder and the man’s wife, Sola, came out and asked him what he wanted from them again.
“Idowu insisted on speaking to her husband. The man came out and they started exchanging words.
“Because the doorstep was elevated above the ground where Idowu stood, it was easier for Segun to grab Idowu by the neck.
“In the ensuing scuffle, they both fell down. The wife picked a stone and hit Idowu in different parts of the body.”

A passerby who saw the fight raised an alarm and attracted neighbours who eventually separated them.

Idowu, drenched in blood, drove himself to the Igbogbo Police Division where he reported the attack.He was reportedly issued a letter to go to a hospital for treatment.

Segun attempted to flee the community, but was held back by residents

“But he later disappeared through the back door.
“His wife, however, assured us that he also went to report at the Igbogbo division,” a landlord, who did not identify himself, said.

After much persuasion to drip the case, Idowu was said to ahve gone to the station to withdraw the case then headed home. Not long after, he slumped and died.

“He was screaming, ‘ I hope I am not about to die’. This was around 8pm. He then collapsed.“We put him in his Toyota Corolla and drove him to a private clinic in the community, where the doctor confirmed him dead.
“We took the corpse to the police station and the couple were arrested. We suspect that he was stabbed with a poisoned sharp object during the fight,” another resident said.

The victim’s wife, Modupe Solaja, demanded justice saying her husband was about to pay their first child  fees at Adeleke University in Osun State.

“My husband was planning to pay her school fees of about N1.2m this weekend. I am a full time housewife. How will I cope with the school fees of four children? Don’t let me suffer for nothing,” she said.

The state Police Public Relations Officer, SP Dolapo Badmos, confirmed the incident,

She said, “The man became unconscious after the fight and was rushed to a hospital where he eventually died. The two suspects are in custody, while the corpse has been deposited in a morgue for autopsy.”

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