Actress Arike Gold Says Polygamy Will Solve Infidelity

Yoruba Nollywood Actress Folorunsho Adeola, aka Arike Gold had an Interview with Punch Newspaper’s Sunday Scoop and said a lot of things that will interest you.

Aside from saying that keeping one’s life out of the public domain has many advantages, she said

“The saying that ‘a private life is a happy life’ is definitely true. If what people know about one is limited, it will be difficult for them to start a rumour about one or about people close to one. I cannot stop people from gossiping about me. But, a private life minimises drama. I don’t share details of my life on social media because I feel it should be kept private.”

Asked if she agrees with the notion that polygamy is a solution to infidelity, the actress said, “Yes, I agree. But, that does not mean I will marry a married man. Most times, ladies just want to have their own kids. Some of these ladies (who are not first wives) are comfortable and doing well for themselves; they are not just lucky with men. So, they end up having children for married men.”

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