Actress Georgina Onuoha shares adorable photo with her mother and her two daughters

Nollywood actress, Georgina Onuoha shared this lovely photo of her rocking matching outfits with her mother and her two daughters.

“My crew came through for me a week ago. I remain eternally grateful ??. Three generations. The bloodline

I’m a proud daughter of a teacher/Trader ( my mom) and an Army Engineer/Military lecturer ( my dad). I take pride in pursuing higher education because it is valuable to me and for my kids to know that nothing less than greater academic heights is expected of them. If your grandfather was a neurosurgeon doctor, your father a gastroenterologist doctor, your uncles all doctors, then you just have to understand that the bar is raised higher for you and the expectations is for you to surpass everything your parents and grandparents accomplished. Pretty face, fame and good looks can only take you so far. With academics you break barriers, shatter glasses and exceed boundaries.

What you give is what you get. Give them great education and not Gucci bags,latest iPhones and vanities and just sit back and watch them excel, thrive and soar higher. Education is valuable. Invest in our girl child. Always make them understand how valuable they are to our society. Funds spent towards education, yields a life time of dividends.

Have a fabulous Monday and a great week Lovers. Make it count. Dare to be a long life Learner”, she captioned the photo.


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