Actress, Lola Smart speaks on her choice of man

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Nollywood actress, Lola Oyekangun who is popularly known as Lola Smart, has reveals that she has a target of making greater impression this New Year.

Speaking in a recent interview, the light skinned TV star said:

‘I am really grateful to God for seeing me through 2018 and making it a good year for me. I have a lot I could point at as my achievements, but the fact is that we are never satisfied as humans so, that is why I have got back to work without wasting time. I pray God grants my desire; I really want to make greater impact and set records this year. I know 2019 is going to be a great year for me.’’

Revealing her ‘Unique selling point” and what turns her on in a man, the young and beautiful script interpreter revealed she considers her eye balls very sexy.

‘I can confidently say my eye balls are so unique and I love them. Also, my voice attracts people to me a lot. Even when I speak to someone on phone, sometime, they insist on putting a face to it.

As for my mind of man, light skinned men are cool but I would not want to go for one. I am light skinned and if my man also has same complexion, I don’t think I will like it’.

In a matter of days, Lola will be releasing her new movie titled, Secret, via online. The effort which is her sixth production is an inspiring story line that features top actors like Anta Laniyan, Fausat Balogun, Jaiye Kuti and well as Lola herself and directed by Sesan Alabi.

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