Actress Nkechi Blessing Slams Her Ex, Falegan after His Apology for Their Messy Break Up.

Actress, Nkechi Blessing recently broke up with her husband. Days after the messy breakup, her ex husband Falegan took to his social media to publicly apologize for the messy breakup and how things turned out.

He wrote,

“Please to my ex Nkechi no vex. I know how it feels having a guy you showed to the world, “my beloved, my husband, the love of my life” and all of a sudden the guy messed up in fact if I fit kneel down now I go kneel down abeg no vex. I messed up in some parts I wanted to forge ahead maybe I didn’t do it in the best possible matter.

I’m very sorry no vex, what we do atimes does not define who we are, what defines us is how we rise after falling. From my heart Nkechi I still love you (blows kiss)” – Opeyemi Falegan, Ex lover of Actress Nkechi Blessing

Nkechi Blessing went ahead to reply him. She said,

“E be like say M#dness dey run for some of Una family,na so so r#bbish Una Dey post now..Una see person wey don Dey

become irrelevant trying to stay relevant again Una Dey help am promote trash….I wish he’s using the clo#t for something meaningful other than having usele#s girls slide into his Dm..make nobody tag me to trash Abeg!!!”

She also went on to reveal the kind of ex she can stay in contact with after a breakup.

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