Actress Uche Nnanna’s husband narrates how he was harassed by some alleged SARS officers

Nollywood actress, Uche Nnanna’s husband, Richard Maduka, took to Instagram  to narrate his  husband encounter with some Special Anti-Robbery Squad of the Police Force (SARS) officers.

According to the post, he was stopped by the officers, who were not in uniform and could not identify themselves properly as SARS officers.

He stated that after they went through his phones and saw nothing, they checked his wallet and found €135 which is roughly N57,000. This led them to label him an internet fraudster amidst his pleas of innocence.

According to the story, they then proceeded to collect €100 after he pleaded with them to leave him with the €35. He further stated that all these happened a day after he was robbed on the road.

He went on to urge the Nigerian police to look into re-structuring the special unit of the police force in order to properly train the officers so as to avoid situations like this.


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