AFROCANDY- I Won’t Visit Nigeria If Buhari Becomes President

Bayo Ajibola
Controversial Nigerian actress, Afrocandy, has expressed her decision to stay away from Nigeria if former Head of State, General Muhammadu Buhari, is declared winner of the presidential election held over the weekend.
The actress observed that the poll has been more of tribal sentiments than choice of the people.
She noted that those from northern Nigerian have thrown support for their own, while accusing those from the south of being divided.
Afrocandy said if Buhari wins the election, he will turn his back on southerners.
“I pity all these people chanting ‘Sai Buhari’ when your name is not ‘Malam Douda’. It is clear this is a Tribal Election and Hausa people stood by their own. 
When the chips are down, that’s when Buhari Unfolds what he has in his Agenda, he won’t recognize your name unless it sounds like ‘Northerner’. 
Then I’ll be at my Base (USA) , Sipping on ma Moet with a little Umbrella Sticking out of it.
“I hear some of them talking poo, for their info I am a U.S Citizen and I can decide not to Visit Nigeria again until the 8 years he will rule or even until the world ends. 
I got the Power to Bring my whole Family over here if they chose……Na dem go use their own heads Carryiam!”

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