Am enjoying my marriage but my mother-in-law is very harsh on my child which has led to the death my first child – Woman laments

An embattled woman is seeking advice on how to handle her strict mother-in-law who manhandles her children in a harsh way.

She said though she enjoys her marriage but the mother-in-law ways of handling her children has left her worried which has also led to her losing a child and she still remains tough on the rest of the kids.

Her story below:

“My mother Inlaw beats my kids a lot and I don’t like it at all. Each time she’s around, she doesn’t spare them, when I complain, she will say that’s why I am enjoying my marriage because she trained my husband well and didn’t spare the rods bla bla bla. My kids cringe when they hear grandma is coming. You will almost see the fears in their eyes and the bad thing is she is always visiting cos we stay two hours apart from each other. I lost my first son cos of the way she pushed him and he hit his head against the wall. She has even given my kids some scars which I am not happy with at all. I don’t want to put my husband on the spot that’s why I am not complaining to him too much. I have complained about it to him before but it’s not working. She is so impatient and short tempered, I always get scared when the kids errs. Pls what else can I do to stop her without coming off as disrespectful? I have my own approach I want to use for my kids and it’s not this type of intense beating. Pls keep me anonymous. Thanks”

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