Soursop leaves health benefits.

Soursop leaves health benefits. The Soursop fruit is known throughout South America, South East Asia and across Africa. In Nigeria, quite a few people know the soursop fruit and the fact that it contains a variety of phytonutrients that have antioxidant properties which support eye health, treat a myriad of infections and are good for supporting overall health.

Soursop leaves health benefits

But what about the leaves?

Researchers have finally discovered that the leaves of the soursop fruit are effective in taking care of various kinds of ailments. Here are the surprising health benefits of soursop leaves.


Studies in animals have shown that some components of soursop leaves can fight inflammation. Inflammations occur as the body’s immune response to injuries which contribute to many diseases.

Extracting the liquid from the soursop leaves decrease swellings and is beneficial in the treatment of many inflammatory disorders such as arthritis and rheumatism.

In addition to its ability to reduce swelling, the soursop leaf is known for its analgesic effects as well.


Soursop leaves are rich in antioxidants such as zinc, beta carotene, and vitamin C and E which have been found to reduce the risk of many eye diseases.

These antioxidants are also effective in lowering oxidative stress in the eyes which among other things cause age-related macular degeneration and cataracts. So regardless of if you have an eye condition or not, soursop leaves are good for you.


Soursop leaves are rich in antibacterial compounds that work as natural ways of preventing and killing bacteria from multiplying in and on the body, therefore the leaves can be used as natural antiseptics for treating wounds and other bacterial infections on the skin.

The leaves also have fungicidal effects and are especially potent against the fungi that cause candida infections. The extracts from the leaves are also good for treating gingivitis, periodontitis and many other oral infections.

It’s been speculated that the soursop leaves have the potential for treating chronic dental issues and oral cancers in the future.

What you need to do in the case of a skin infection is to boil a handful of the leaves in about 2 to 3 cups of water for a maximum of half an hour, then leave it to cool. Once it is sufficiently cool as to not burn your skin, apply the liquid to the part of the body that needs to be sterilized.


In some parts of the world where aromatherapy is widely practiced, soursop leaves are placed inside pillowcases or under the pillow to promote restful sleep. Brewing hot tea using the leaves is also known to help induce healthy sleep.

How this works is that soursop leaves relax the smooth muscles in the body and serve as sedatives. So if you find yourself feeling stressed out from a hard day at work, sip on a glass of warm soursop leaf tea before going to sleep and you’ll wake up the next morning feeling refreshed.


Surprisingly, soursop leaves have great potential in tackling viruses. It has been said that the antiviral component of the leaves interferes with the replication of viruses like HIV in the cells of the host and may keep the virus from attaching to host cells.

This function has been attributed to the polyphenols it contains. However, if you have any severe viral infection, don’t forget to see your doctor first.


Diabetes is one of the most common chronic diseases in Nigeria with risky consequences. Those that don’t manage it properly run the risk of experiencing damage to their arteries and other blood vessels within their brain, legs and heart, kidney failure, nerve damage and even eye damage that could lead to blindness.

Soursop leaves provide aid to your ongoing diabetic treatment by helping to lower your blood sugar levels and boosting your immune system. As a result, it’s known as a natural remedy for aiding diabetic treatment.

This doesn’t mean you stop taking your meds though – at least not without professional supervision and depending on the type of diabetes you have, there’s no short cut to good health.Soursop leaves health benefits.


Because of its fungicidal properties, soursop leaves are a natural way to take care of eczemas on the skin and the scalp.

What you need to do is to mash some leaves till they turn smooth and rub on the infected areas. Once you do this, you’ll feel the itch begin to recede.


As has already been stated, soursop leaves are rife with vitamins like C and A which are superb antioxidants, not to mention their awesome anti-aging properties that cleanse your body from toxic substances that damage both your health and your appearance.

Free radicals most often result in heavy pigmentation and wrinkles on the skin that can mar your appearance but worry not, soursop leaves are here to the rescue.

The antioxidant component of the leaves have a great effect on your hair and skin and help to repair damage to your hair that is caused by radiation, unhealthy environment and a bad diet. Also, the polluted air in Nigeria is a cause of hair loss, split ends and dandruff that a lot of women experience so this is good news.

When you wash your hair with the extract from soursop leaves, it rejuvenates the cells in your hair and even protects your hair from lice infections.

All in all, using soursop leaves for your hair and skin keeps them healthy, supple and free from infections, thereby promoting an all-round healthy appearance in both men and women.

In addition to all these points, soursop leaves are also used to treat coughs and are great for supporting your weight loss goals.

The best way to consume them is to brew them as a tea but you can mix them in a milkshake or chill as a drink.

Either way, when you combine it with a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet, the soursop leaf has impressive benefits for your health.

So next time you buy the fruit, don’t throw the leaves away.Amazing benefits of soursop leaves


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