Benefits of sperm during pregnancy.There are so many things that are beneficial for pregnant women. As one, you’d be encouraged to take your prenatal vitamins, drink lots of water and try to stay as active as possible. In that vein you might even be encouraged to have more pregnancy sex because of benefits like improving your sleep, lowering your blood pressure and even for improving intimacy with your partner.

Benefits of sperm during pregnancy

But did you have any idea about what sperm does? To all pregnant women, the sperm’s job ends at fertilization. But what you don’t know is that it doesn’t disappear once you are pregnant. Whether you are the type that loves to have sex frequently or the type that prefers it once or twice every few weeks, maybe you should start wondering if sperm is good for you while you are pregnant. After all, if sex is encouraged during pregnancy, surely the sperm itself should have some benefits.

So don’t worry about looking too far, here’s why having sperm inside you during pregnancy isn’t such a bad idea.


You are already suffering from morning sickness, and maybe you are starting to wonder when the joys of pregnancy will kick – so hearing the word sperm might make you want to lose it. Haven’t you had enough? You wonder. There’s more to sex when you are pregnant than its potential to relax you. If there is sperm in the picture, having sex can reduce your risk of having complications in your pregnancy.

But maybe not in the way you are thinking.

In a researched conducted almost 10 years ago, it was found that when you are pregnant and you swallow sperm during oral sex, it decreases your risk of experiencing preeclampsia which is a condition defined by protein your urine and increased blood pressure.

The condition occurs in at least 5% of all pregnancies and can result in preterm delivery, kidney failure, low birth weight baby and even the death of the mother and/or the baby.

How it happens is that sometimes the mother’s body develops something like an allergic reaction to the baby and it increases her risk of developing preeclampsia. But when you swallow your partner’s sperm – that is, the biological father of the baby – your body will build up a tolerance to the DNA of your partner which also translates to developing a tolerance to the DNA of your baby, and therefore decreases your risk of developing those complications.

Another study in 2003 showed that those women who had sex for less than 4 months with the fathers of their babies before and during pregnancy and used contraception before conception had a greater risk of developing preeclampsia during pregnancy while those who had sex with their partners for more than 12 months before conceiving and who continued during pregnancy had a lower risk.

Pretty neat, right?

But it’s all good if you aren’t up for oral sex. Regular sex with your partner offers the same benefits.

Bottom line, have more sex if you feel like it. But be mindful that exposure to sperm isn’t the only way of preventing preeclampsia and you shouldn’t depend solely on sperm to protect you.

However, if you are up for sex whenever, feel free to make the best of it.


Aha! Something you’ve been wanting to hear right? According to a particular psychologist, when you come in contact with sperm frequently, it can cure that exhausting morning sickness.

His theory states that your pregnant body tends to reject the cells of your partner in your baby as a foreign substance so your body tries to expel the unfamiliar genetic materials through the reactions of nausea and vomiting.

So according to this theory, the cure for morning sickness – outside of taking medications – is to expose yourself to more sperm either through oral or vaginal sex which would help your body to better tolerate the DNA of your spouse and decrease your chances of experiencing morning sickness while you are pregnant. This exposure should happen ideally all through the first few weeks of your pregnancy.


That’s right. Studies have shown that women who experience infertility or are prone to miscarriages as a result of the presence of antibodies in their bodies which destroy the antigens or proteins present in their partner’s sperm can combat this by exposing themselves to more sperm.

What this means is that when you have oral sex and swallow your partner’s sperm, you improve your chances of having a safer pregnancy as well as reducing your risk of having a miscarriage as you will be exposing yourself to your partner’s antigens which desensitizes your body and doesn’t allow it to reject your partner’s proteins.

Just make sure that your partner is infection-free because infections like chlamydia, Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) as these can cause other complications in your pregnancy.


Some experts in Ob-Gyn have stated then if you are overdue for labor, having sex – being exposed to sperm – could possibly induce your labor. Part of the reason for this is that your orgasms can imitate the contractions of your uterus plus having sex releases oxytocin, a hormone that is connected with labor. Not to mention, the added benefit of feeling relaxed after having sex.

And that’s not all. The sperm itself comes into play here. Your partner’s semen contains prostaglandins, which are hormone-like substances that are able to ripen your cervix, initiate contractions and therefore induce labor.

In fact, the medications generally used in hospitals to induce labor are the synthetic forms of these prostaglandins.

So if you can get it naturally, why not?

The benefits of sperm during pregnancy are right there so if you were feeling a bit averse to sex because of all that morning sickness, food cravings, headaches, constipation and mood swings that already make you feel like tearing your hair out whenever you hear the word sperm, here’s our little bit of encouragement for you.Benefits of sperm during pregnancy.


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