Amazing! Lady who had a baby the night before her graduating ceremony still made it to the event to get her master’s degree

Zeinab Abdalla had a baby a night before the University of St. Thomas‘ Class of 2018 graduation ceremony, where she was to receive her master’s degree.

The next day she was walking across the stage with her certificate in hand. “I had my baby last night!” she said in a school video.

Asked how she was able to pull it off, she said:

It was a struggle but everything is possible. And I believe in St. Thomas’ logo, “We can do it together.”

“On Friday morning my water broke and I was telling my husband, “My graduation is tomorrow. I wasn’t planning this,” and he said, “It’s in God’s hands.”

“I was like, I need to reward myself and to do that I have to walk on the stage, get my degree, throw the cap and enjoy it.”

Watch video below:

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