This Is Why I Am Angry With Nigerian Pastors – Daddy Freeze

Bayo Ajibola

On Air Personality, Daddy Freeze,has made his grievance with Nigerian pastors known via  new interview.

Speaking with Saturday Beats, Freeze said:

“I am not scared of their doltish fire by fire prayer, I am not scared. If they send hired assassins to me, I could be worried so I try to keep my security tight. I don’t remember attacking any of the pastors’ loved ones. I am scared for my loved ones and that is why I have not shared half of the things I know about these pastors even though I have shared a lot of things already.

“My father once told me to be careful because many of these pastors are juju men and they would ‘do me juju’. Many of these pastors are occultists and they know. Some of us that have a discerning spirit know. They are tricksters. One thing I can guarantee you is that they are not of God,” he said.

On if he believes in God, Daddy Freeze said:

“I do not only believe in God but I am a Christian, biblical scholar and I also preach the bible.  Most of our pastors in Nigeria have deviated from the teaching of Christ and established their own fraudulent doctrine which is a total departure from what Christ taught us. I think it is high time we stood up and told ourselves the truth. The true message of Christ is love, repentance, healing and forgiveness. That is the basis of Christ preaching. Christ does not care about your success or the kind of car you drive, it is not his business.

“Obviously, this line of preaching cannot work. Countries that are less religious are doing better than us a hundred fold. We cannot get to where Dubai is in the next ten years if we try to be like Dubai but we are not even trying. Instead of building mega cities, we are building mega churches; instead of building mega factories like the Hyundai factory in South Korea, we are building mega churches and we are going back to the Stone Age. That is why we see a witch in every young child and we believe that poverty is brought upon us by the devil.”


Bayo Ajibola

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