Another Awesome Photo from Millen Magese’s Maternity Shoot

Tanzanian top model Millen Magese posted a series of photos from her maternity shoot. The 38-year-old looked stunning and flawless in her different poses and she definitely glowed. She posted another photo a few days after and it didn’t disappoint. Check it out.

Here are the initial photos she’d posted 2 days ago.


This moment right here 😢. I was super emotional here . I kept asking my team is this really my maternity shoot ??? Throughout my career no one ever helped to place my body a certain way . I listened to directions and deliver the job . But this particular shot the whole team had to help 😂 getting me down , helped placing my legs , my back felt like it was breaking lol . I said to @oye_diran please take a picture first let me see my tummy first . I was super emotional. He asked is everything ok . I said let’s shoot 💪🏽I realized things are different. HappyMom#DoWhateverIfeltlike #EveryPregnancyIsDifferentButSpecial thank you team @moshoodat @jycbeauty @oye_diran Thank you very much #ChangeYourStory💪 #PrinceKairo👑 #MiracleBaby #FindCure4Endo #ManyFacesOfEndo #kairosmommy #PrinceKairoAt39Weeks #MillenMagese⭐️💛👑 #YourOpinionWontMatterAtThisPoint #ItsMyMomentThatIFought4

A post shared by Millen Magese (@ladivamillen) on Jul 24, 2017 at 8:34am PDT

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