Aphrodisiac for women. A lowered libido happens often, especially in today’s fast-paced world. Many women are their own worst enemies, eating too poorly, doing too much, chasing the kids all day, working late each night and failing to take care of themselves. One good advice for those of you out there experiencing a diminished sex drive is to take it slow, take time to rest, get regular exercise and improve your nutrition by following a diet rich in plant-based foods.

Having sex regularly improves your relationship and helps you live longer. But what if your sex drive is running on fumes?

The levels of sex hormones that you have affect your stamina, sexual vitality, and arousal but stress plays a great role too. Thus it’s no surprise that almost half the married couples in Nigeria have sex only a few times a month.

Now, are you ready to turn up the heat in your bedroom? No need for movies, dirty talk or toys. Fortunately, you can bring back the heat between your sheets with remedies found at most pharmacies, health food stores, or even in your pantry right now.

Today we’ll be sharing some of these aphrodisiacs that are good for you.Aphrodisiac for women.

  • Cinnamon

This interesting spice has been known to increase a woman’s sex drive over time, and can, in fact, reduce your risk of urinary tract infections.

Its benefits come from its ability to lower your blood sugar, which restricts the flow of blood to the vagina. So if your blood sugar is under control, you’ll be sure to have better sex.

Do note though that cinnamon isn’t an immediate aphrodisiac but there’s no reason not to say yes to cinnamon-flavored snacks. You also have nothing to lose by adding a teaspoon of cinnamon to your morning coffee.

Of course, too much of this good thing isn’t good, especially if you inhale it or take it dry. You also shouldn’t eat even a spoonful alone, because it can cause vomiting.

Aphrodisiac for women. Fenugreek

A tasty way to boost your libido is Fenugreek. It was once used by the ancient people of Rome, Greece, and Egypt as an aphrodisiac. Fenugreek’s taste is kind of like maple syrup and while it can increase your sex drive, it also promotes healthy breast tissue and can improve the production of milk if you are a lactating mother.

The key component in it is its phytoestrogens. Some have even said this natural supplement can help you increase your breast size.

However, whether or not it can give you much fuller breasts, eating Fenugreek is an easy and safe way to boost your libido.

Aphrodisiac for women: Dates

This exotic fruit – fresh or dried – adds richness and sweetness to many recipes and to your sex life. In some cultures, a traditional aphrodisiac is usually concocted by mixing dates with cinnamon and milk.

This superfruit contains many essential nutrients, fiber, minerals and vitamins for overall wellbeing.

Here’s a secret tip, the healthier you are, the more interest and energy you will have for romance in the bedroom.

Aphrodisiac for women: Peppermint Soap or Gels

Many of you women will love this simple and quick to help heighten stimulation, especially if you find it hard to achieve orgasm. And for those of you lucky ones who easily reach orgasm, peppermint soaps or topical gels may help you achieve multiple orgasms.

You can buy natural peppermint soaps that are made with pure essential oils for a cheap and easy enhancer. Its cooling effects increase sexual pleasure and intensity.Aphrodisiac for women.

You can also try the topical gels and creams that contain peppermint extract – which increases sexual stimulation – and can be found at most pharmacies.

Take note to skip the artificially scented products that only contain perfume and chemicals as those can irritate your sensitive areas. Besides only peppermint extract can really prime your pump.

Use it carefully in the beginning though, some women have found peppermint products to be a bit too stimulating.


According to certified sex therapists, Maca, a root that’s known as Peru’s natural Viagra, is thought to increase stamina, energy, libido, and fertility in women.

Not to mention, the plant’s roots are super rich in fiber and magnesium which are great for improving your wellbeing and stamina.

There’s also been a small study that suggests that consuming Maca may help to reduce the loss of libido that some women experience as a side effect of taking some antidepressant drugs.

  • Asparagus

The large amount of vitamin E contained in this plant is known to increase the flow of blood and oxygen to the genital area.

The high levels of potassium have been linked to the production of your sex hormone. Plus if the suggestively phallic shape of Asparagus helps to get you in the mood, then, hey, very good for you!

  • Dark Chocolate

According to research, dark chocolate contains a compound called phenylethylamine, a stimulant that’s said to elicit a sense of wellbeing and sexual excitement.

The natural caffeine content doesn’t hurt either so make sure to get dark chocolate that contains at least 75 percent cacao to get your heart pumping and healthy.

  • Almonds and Walnuts

Not only have Walnuts and Almonds been a symbol of fertility in the world of arts, these fruits are also prime sources of beneficial fatty acids like omega 3 which help in the production of sex hormones in women.

Besides, the aroma of Almonds is said to arouse passion in women, so there’s no harm in giving it a try.

Now that your eyes have been opened to these fascinating aphrodisiacs, all is not lost. Give these a try for spicing up your sex life.

Don’t forget to slow down and devote time to yourself and savor the moments in your life. By doing so you will find a greater sense of fulfillment in everything you do which means your sex life brightens up as well.

What are you waiting for?


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