Are you co-parenting or trying to get back your ex?

Bayo Ajibola
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Signs That Your Ex Wants You Back

Separation and divorce call for tough decisions to be made in regards to the welfare of the child or children. To most couples, it is a hard decision to walk out of a relationship consideration how the children would be affected. Most hold on to a non functional relationships just for the sake of their children but in doing so creates future problems for their children.

Co-parenting allows for both parents to be present in a child’s life. Despite their separation, they are both committed to raising their child and show up when they are called upon. Co-parenting is easy to do if both partners are open to it. However, it becomes extremely difficult if one party is trying to get back and make the relationship work.

Here are 3 tell signs of a partner trying to get back together:

  • Constant communication – A partner trying to revive a broken relationship will be constantly in touch for other reasons besides the child involved. They will check up on you unnecessarily, keep contact with your close friends and family all for an opportunity to work things out.
  • Infringe your privacy – It is a common occurrence for exes to show up unexpectedly at the home or work place of their previous partners. They may also result in stalking just to find out if their partner has moved on or not. This is such an inconvenience for someone looking to move forward with their ex all up in their business.
  • Change in character – You probably ditched your lover because of a certain habit that was not working for you. In order to woo you back, they may pretend to be totally transformed into the person you needed them to be and use this as a bargaining chip.

4 tips on how to succeed at co-parenting

  1. Be Respectful – Respect communicates a lot maturity in handling different situations. Respecting your ex enough not to discuss ill of them with your kids is a sign that you are willing to make the co-parenting work.
  2. Mind your own business – Do not be bothered by what your ex is doing in their free time. Whether they pick up a new lover, hobby or friends, it is none of your business as long it does not affect your co-parenting relationship.
  3. Be flexible on schedule – For co-parenting to work each party needs to be aware of what they are expected to do and at what time. However, something may come up disrupting an entire schedule. Do not hold your ex at ransom for a disrupted schedule; instead be willing to adjust the schedule accordingly.
  4. Move on – One failed relationship does not seal the fate of all your relationships. Moving on is part of the healing process and a major step towards letting go of your ex. You can start off casually at first until you are completely ready for a more committed relationship. It is also important to support your ex when they choose to move on and find a new partner.


Letting go of a relationship is not easy on anyone especially when children are involved. It becomes extremely difficult when you have to work with your partner in raising the kids. Constant communication and meetings can inspire trying to get back to your partner but this can be utterly disappointing if the other party is not willing or have already moved on. Whatever the case, it is possible to co-parent and raise your kids successfully with an ex.

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