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Are You Ready For a New Arrival

How prepared are you for nurturing a baby? Have you ever asked yourself about your potentials in welcoming an arrival of a new member in a family?

Sure thing enough, having your first bundle of joy is the most wonderful thing to happen in your whole married life. But no matter how prepared you are for your first born child’s arrival, chances are that you’ll be in for an eye-opener or two after conceiving. That being said, you should make sure you do your research before trying tobecome pregnant. Below are some key factors to consider as you make this life-changing decision:

Financial Responsibilities

Having a child can be quite the financial burden, as most would-be parents understand. However, many new parents do not fully comprehend the financial changes that will need to be made after having a child. If you are not planning of returning to work, consider how staying home to take care of your child would affect the family budget. Oftentimes, a new mother will have a change of heart on this issue once the child is born. Before making the decision to become pregnant, ask yourself if your household would still be able to function without your income.

You’ll also need to take into account the amount of attention a child requires, especially in the first six months. A newborn needs to be fed every two hours around the clock and you can’t forget about the constant diaper changing as well. If you’re planning on working while your child is with a caregiver, you may need to adjust your hours at work to fit the caregiver’s schedule. With this in mind, paying off debt before giving birth will free up more of your income to pay for these expenses.

It is vital to have a nest egg. Make a list of expenses you typically incur during the month i.e. rent, cell phone, groceries, etc. and make sure you have enough saved in advance to pay for these expenses for at least 3-6 months. Check on maternity and/or paternity leave to determine what is viable and what measures you need to take in order to take the time off.

Emotional Preparedness

Extreme mood swings are often presents among expecting mothers as their hormones will likely skyrocket. Combine this with the unexpected emotions of the would-be father and you have two time bombs ready to explode. A major life change, such as pregnancy, can cause so many relationship difficulties between an expecting mother and father. Sometimes, the stress of bringing a new baby into the family can be too much to bear. If both parents aren’t prepared and ready to tackle these emotional changes ahead of time, a once strong relationship may lead to crumble.

One most vital way of keeping your relationship strong during the stage of pregnancy and after giving birth is to make an effort to schedule time for yourself as a couple. After mother has given birth, schedule at least one night each week for just you and your mate to spend alone together.

Physical Space

A child, just like an adult, requires space. Before the baby comes out, you will need to find a place that has enough room for your growing family and most of all for the baby, especially if you just renting in a small apartment. A baby also needs plenty of items to make her life comfortable, from a crib to a stockpile of diapers and you’ll need to have an extra space for it all. Also, to save yourself from the hassle of carrying a baby carrier and bulky baby bag everywhere you want to go, you may want to opt for getting your own car, especially if you just depend on public transportation in a regular basis.

It’s a miraculous event having a baby and surely a thing of joy like no other. However, immense deal of stress and change often comes with every great achievement. Contemplate on the quiet time you have and evaluate what it will take to prepare and get ready for a little one. And when your baby arrives and you’re able to cope up with all the challenges and down times, you’ll be glad and surprised you did a great job.

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