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Starting a Family One of Life’s Most Rewarding Challenges

One of the most rewarding challenges in life is deciding to begin planning a family and having your first baby.

There is so much to think about, and so many different things to consider. Contemplating the beginning of a new chapter in your life is always scary; however, it can also be extremely rewarding. There will be many changes when becoming a new parent for the very first time. When you decide to take on the challenge of becoming a parent, you decide to live for someone else completely and unconditionally, and realize your free time no longer exists. You can no longer be selfish or live for self. You will share your home with a tiny person who you have full responsibility in caring for. Your house will be filled with new sounds, smells, and sights. New things will fill the places that were once bare. Hourly feedings at night will exhaust you. The smell of diaper changes might even make you want to be sick. And every last bit of it will be thrilling, exciting, and the happiest moments of your adult life.

Planning for a baby is definitely something that requires the input of both parents. Some things you should speak with your spouse or partner about before planning the baby are as follows:

  •          Do you both want to have this baby? Have you both totally decided this is something you truly want?
  •          If there are religious differences between yourself and your spouse or partner, how then will you raise your child in terms of religion?
  •          Are there any types of cultural barriers between you that will affect the way your child will be accepted by each other’s families?
  •          Will one of you be able to stay home with the baby, or is there a type of childcare situation you both feel comfortable with?
  •          Are you willing to make sacrifices for the sake of the child, like sleeping late on the weekends, or going out with friends?
  •          Have you talked with your partner regarding how this new addition might impact your relationship?
  •          Can you financially afford to have this child?

With time and dedication, you will be able to master the art of parenthood, and fine tune the things that make parenthood worthwhile. Nobody is perfect, and no parent will ever have all the answers. It will be a learning process even into your child’s adulthood. You will feel gratified at the end of the day knowing you gave it 100%, and did your best. After all, that’s all a parent can be expected to do.

Bayo Ajibola

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