Artist Manager Godwin Tom Shares His Story On Battling Depression And More

Bayo Ajibola

Singer Waje, released a very powerful song, Mountain, a few days back, which has gone on to become fans favorite.

The talented music star did not stop there as she encouraged people to share the mountain story they are or might have faced in the lives and one of the people that took up that challenge is Talent and Artist manager Godwin Tom.

He took to his Instagram to share his story on how he overcame all the challenges life threw at him as, talking about being able to overcome depression, deal with a hole in the heart ailment and more.

Waje’s Mountain challenge movement is aimed at encouraging people to share their challenges and stories of how they have overcome these challenges all in a bid to inspire people in the same situation to speak up and seek for help or better still know that with every darkness comes light at the end of it all.

In his words:

Mamas boy… baby boy 😂… Top of my class in Primary school🤓… assistant head boy in high school… dropped out of UNN in first year🙄… went back to school and finished it… been homeless… escaped death a few times😬… robbed at gun point twice… failed at 3 businesses🤦🏾‍♂️… built and managed successful music careers… slept under the bridge… wrongfully arrested, picked up by surulere police for “wandering” even though I had the address in my hand😐… a victim of touch and follow at boundary market in Ajegunle 😂😂(that really happened)… diagnosed of a hole in the heart at 14… told I had hypertension at 15… fought and beat depression… what can I say? I’m a survivor! I climb my mountains everyday #MountainbyWaje #climbit cc @officialwaje

Since, Waje started the movement, several people have shared their stories which she has shared on her IG page over the course of 5 days.

Bayo Ajibola

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