At Last! The Secret To A Happy Marriage Is Revealed

To have a happy marriage, it is necessary to lay every brick of the building every day with a lot of love, patience, empathy, and determination. 

After the famous phrase “I declare you husband and wife”, the couple begins to live a life somewhat different from the one they were used to. They share not only the same ceiling but also the same concerns, the same expectations for the future, in addition to bills, debts, and many dreams.

It is a phase of great learning that must be very happy when both are committed to the success of this journey together. Here are some secrets that can help to build a very happy marriage.

1. Plan for married life, not just for the ceremony

It is very common for wedding preparations to include a series of plans, for example, who will be the best man, what will be the location of the ceremony, the location of the party and what will be the number of guests. 

These and more are good but the couple should make some decisions for married life. This discussion and decisions may include the number of children, monthly expenditure, division of house chores, responsibilities, and more. 

2. Don’t have expectations for a perfect life like in fairy tales

Marriage and dating are very different. Life as a couple needs to be nourished daily. It takes commitment and a lot of love to build a lasting relationship together. Don’t expect things to be rosy and smooth as they were before or as you see in movies. Marriage comes with a lot of responsibilities and challenges too. 

3. Create a strong foundation

If you both make each other’s happiness a priority every day, it will help to make your relationship stronger, in addition to being a great proof of love. In this way, you will be able to nurture the feeling that united them in marriage. You become partners and thus, need to make an effort to dedicate yourself to each other daily. Spending time with your partner is one of the main responsibilities of your day.

4. Communicate with maturity

When the problems come, be sincere and talk to each other. Tell your spouse what to expect from him. If you would like to receive an invitation from your partner to have dinner together in a special place, for example, do not wait for him to read your mind and give you such an invitation. Tell him, you will be much happier instead of complaining about each other’s attitude. Talk (not fight) about their expectations.

5. Apply patience and be ready to make sacrifices

You will realize that in some moments of life, sacrifice will be necessary. At such times, patience and understanding are needed. Depriving yourself of something you were used to up to now, can be only temporary and if you have patience you can face critical moments much more easily.

6. Prioritize marriage and put aside distractions

Don’t let the internet, social networks, or cell phones take over your spouse’s space. When you are together, take time for each other, these other things can be verified at another time. Ensure you talk frequently with your partner. Do away with your cellphone when you are together. It will save your marriage from poor communication and other problems that may arise. 

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