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At What Point Should Boys and Girls Stop Sharing a Bedroom

Have you ever wondered when is the right time boys and girls should stop sharing a bedroom? It’s a question that has raised a debate and many people have different opinions about this matter.

At what age should you spate them?

According to a licensed professional counselor, Emily Kircher-Morris, there is no specific age that boys and girls should stop sharing a bedroom. It’s the obligation of parents to monitor their children`s development as they grow.

They should also be able to make decision based on how their children are growing and their behavior over the time.

When children are in school and they meet other children, they realize the need for modesty and its then that they startbecoming uncomfortable to change clothes in the presence of the opposite sex.

When this happens, it is important that parents and schools provide accommodation for the children so that they can change separately.

By the time the children get to puberty, it will be difficult for them to share a room. In fact, each one of them will need privacy and it’s important that as a parent, you need to provide that.

Things to look out for before separating them

It is important that you watch out how your children grow and any changes in behavior. According to Emily Kircher-Morris, if you notice any sexual aggressiveness in one of the kids, it is important that you separate them as soon as possible.

A child may also find it difficult understand the boundaries associated with privacy if he or she may have been sexually abused and that’s why it is important that you take a note on this. As a parent, you need to act accordingly when a child startsexpressing concerns for privacy because it could just be time for you to separate them.

Why it’s important to separate the kids early enough

Although many children find it comfortable sharing things, it is important that you separate them at the right time. It’s actually beneficial to some families when their children share a room in their youth; however, it is important that children should be given some privacy when they enter puberty.

It’s at this point that they start feeling comfortable with the changes in their bodies. When a child is uncomfortable with his or her body, sharing a room becomes a problem and that’s the time that as a parent, you need to separate them.

What you should do when there is no extra room to separate them

If is impossible to get an extra room for one of you children, you should consider creating some space where they can keep their clothes, toys and other personal things.

When you provide space where they can change clothes, they become more confident and understand the boundaries that are necessary for privacy between them.

How to explain the separation to children who are unwilling to separate

According to Emily Kircher-Morris, parents should emphasize the benefit of personal space to their children. This is particularly important to children who do not want be separated. As a parent, you can make a child excited over the new space you have created for him or her.

It is important that you take your time to emphasize the benefits of privacy to your children so that they can own the new space you have created for them.

It does not matter whether the children are step siblings or not. Provided the children have been brought up together, the situation will be similar to that of biological siblings.

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