August was an action-packed month for Tito

Bayo Ajibola


I was dozing off in my sitting position when the ringtone of my phone indicating I got ‘sms’ jolted me back to life. I hurriedly unlocked the phone to read. The message was a short one from my mum “something tells me you are not fine”. With this message I knew we were having a visitor latest tomorrow afternoon, I became jittery and was really looking for a way out.

Without thinking much, I pressed the alarm bell to call the attention of the nurses. It didn’t take long before a slim, tall, dark complexion nurse walked into my room. She looked worked up and probably got something on her mind. Well, I shoved the thought of my concern for her aside and requested to see doctor Abrahams. ‘Madam, am afraid Doctor has gone home and there is another on duty whom you can also talk to’ or is it what I can help with? I gently nodded and insisted on seeing a doctor this time around.

She left and didn’t return until half an hour. As she was coming into the room, the female doctor was striding along with her, and they got to my bedside almost the same time. Yes! Mrs. Hasstrup you requested to see a doctor anything?

Em…em..I, I… The words won’t just come out.

The Doctor looked from me to the nurse and from the nurse back to me. She calmly told me… put your thoughts together madam, I am a friend you can talk to. Something in me wanted to spill everything to the doctor, but a better part of me held back for fear of what Tade would do to me if he later finds out. I managed to tell the doctor in simple words

“I want to go home as a matter of urgency”.

She was taken aback by my remarks and managed to smile as she told me madam that is an impossible task for me to do. ‘You still need to be under observation’.

In that instance, something in me snapped and all I could afford was a yell at the doctor followed by caustic remarks. There and then she picked up her phone to call Dr. Abrahams. After a chit chat on the phone that span to like 6minutes, she hung up and returned to my bedside. “Well, if that is what you want, you will be discharged first thing tomorrow morning, is that ok?” I gradually calm down and smiled in acknowledgement.


At exactly 9am, doctor Abrahams walked in with a smile on his face, the smile was like that of a child who just got a treat of  ice cream from the mum. I could not smile back because I was full of my own thoughts and all I could see was getting home before mum so she does not get wind of my hospital admission, the miscarriage, the beating and all other manner of things.

Doctor Abraham was still smiling when my phone rang and it was Tade, I quickly told him that I have being discharged. I could still remember the look of awe on my doctor’s face. Tade from the other end only told me in the regular harsh tone, “You better find your way home. You think I have your time early this morning?” just so the doctor didn’t get wind of what transpired, I just smiled like it was a sweet conversation. The Doc. haven heard that conversation, just told me

“I didn’t discharge you, you discharged yourself. I hope you would take care of yourself enough”.

I wish you well were his last words as he left the ward.

I quickly packed all my things together ready for home. It dawned on me that I got no dime on me. So how do I get home now was the question on my mind? As I was approaching the nurses’ desk, the tall nurse from yester night’s scenario tapped my shoulder and asked if she could walk with me? I was more than happy to walk with her. Then we got talking and she was really probing me like she wanna hear me say something.

The questions I could not answer, I skipped them with a smile and used means of deviating or distracting her away from such sensitive questions.

When we finally reached the bus-stop, I asked if we could exchange contacts which she agreed to. I was just so attracted to her, I felt within me that she can be trusted but I didn’t feel up to it yet. Anyway, I didn’t waste time in letting her know my predicament of transport fare. That was how God used her for me. And, I couldn’t help but thank her and pray for her from the deepest part of my heart. Lest I forget, my new found friend goes by the name ‘Linda’.

On getting home, Tade was there standing at the doorway, the sight of him sent shivers down my spine.


I greeted him and tried to get past him into the house. He pull me back with such a strong   force that I almost fell. My head spanned for the fear of dying today. In a sharp voice, I quickly told him ‘I left the hospital when mum called me and I sensed she may visit’. He shoved me aside and went into the house. I sat on the floor outside for God knows how many minutes before his voice ruffled my thoughts. “Would you sit there all day long? I am hungry”.

Like a thunderbolt, I dashed into the house and straight into the kitchen. Before I knew it, the headache became overwhelming and I almost fainted. I then went to him and knelt down “would you please allow me some time to rest? I feel so weak and dizzy”

All the while I was saying this, I was already imagining the beating of my life that I would receive. Fortunately, he got soft spot for me at that moment maybe for the fear of my mum coming or the effect of conscience. Well, he surprisingly ushered me into the room and told me to sleep while he fix something for both of us to eat.

I laid in bed not knowing what to think or say. I wished for all the beautiful things of life that this was the actual picture of our marriage. Before I knew it, I drifted to sleep and was woken up by him.

“Honey, food is ready” I was lost for a moment and was wishing this horrible nightmare away. I quickly got up from the bed and mustered the word ‘thank you’. We were in the middle of dinning and winning when we heard the knock on the door. Mum is here I guess!

Bayo Ajibola

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