Baby-making Mistakes to Avoid

Bayo Ajibola

Baby-making Mistakes

Many couples look forward to having babies. The problem however comes in when they go about it all wrong. Well, yes, conceiving is all about sex and all that but it is possible to do that wrong!

Too much sex

Many people think that the more sex they have the higher the chances of getting pregnant. It may not cause a reduction in sperm count or their speed but the couple involved may get tired of it. You may find yourself looking at sex as a means to get a baby and not bond with your partner and when the time you actually need to be having sex comes along, all interest is gone and no babies are made.

Not enough sex

Thankfully your man’s sperm will not get worn out and they will not go on strike if you get them to appear without an ovum in sight. They still turn up for duty every single time until they have a successful mission and still continue even afterwards.

Therefore, you don’t have to limit (at least not too much) the number of times you have sex. Make it more than just when you think you are ovulating and enjoy the process.

Blaming the lady

This is one of the oldest and misleading concepts ever imagined. Men can have reproductive issues too so if getting knocked up is becoming a little difficult, both of you should get checked. Most men just assume it is the woman and they don’t bother making a doctor’s appointment. Infertility issues usually occur in 50 per cent of women, 40 per cent of men and 10 per cent of neither party. So it really could go both ways.

Not changing positions

Many say that getting pregnant requires you to be in the missionary position but this isn’t true. Sperm always finds its way from the cervical mucus into the vagina and goes all the way into the fallopian tubes in a few seconds so you don’t have to stick to the same position when trying for a baby. Spice it up, try out crazy things and have fun making a baby!

Having sex on ovulation day

It may seem logical to have sex on ovulation day but look at the facts carefully. Your egg is only viable for about 24 hours after it is released and so if you slightly miscalculated your ovulation day, that chance is gone until next month. Sperm live for about three to five days though once they leave their host and can therefore ‘start the journey’ a little earlier. Having sex a few days before ovulation therefore increases your chances of conception.

Miscalculating ovulation

You don’t necessarily ovulate 14 days after the first day of your period because some women don’t have a 28-day cycle and ovulation doesn’t occur at the same time every cycle even for a regular one.

Your body changes a little close to ovulation and you will actually notice a change in your vaginal discharge. It becomes more like clear egg white. This indicates that you are almost ovulating but many assume that they are already ovulating at this time. If keeping tabs on your ovulation days is proving difficult, use an ovulation predictor kit and you will be less likely to go wrong.


Lubricants usually reduce sperm motility and getting to the egg becomes a little tricky. If you need a lubricant for your session, try more natural options like olive oil, vegetable oil or even egg whites!

Forgetting your body

General health is very important for both the man and woman when trying to conceive. Don’t assume that all is well simply because you aren’t bedridden due to an illness. See a doctor to give you a thorough checkup and advise you on proper diet and lifestyle.

Bayo Ajibola

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