BBNaijja Season 6 Reunion – Boma Apologises To Angel And Angel Slams Maria For Dating A Married Man…

The misunderstanding between Former besties Arin and Nini

Arin was really pained and upset with Nini because when she was evicted from the house, Pere had a conversation with Nini and Saga called her a dirty girl and Arin felt Nini was supposed to shut down the conversation or walk away and not laugh over what was said…

Nini on the other hand, expressed displeasure over Arin’s comment on Cross’s page. While in the house Cross and Nini had a heated argument, when they left the house he made a post about the fight and Arin dropped a comment taking sides with him…

Arin cleared the air that the comment was made by those managing her page at that time.

Boma Apologized to Angel

Boma admitted his mistake and apologised to Angel for all the horrible things he said to her in the house during their fight.

Angel accepted the apology.

Their fight started after Boma said he heard Angel calling him a ‘kiss and tell’ although she denied referring to Boma.

He called her a liar and many horrible names and stated that he couldn’t remember telling any housemate about their fling.

They had made a promise not to reveal their fling to any housemate but Boma broke it while Angel kept her side of the promise

Angel and Maria Benjamin’s Argument

Angel: Fu#king a married man, husband sl#t

Maria: Don’t even allow me bring up everything you did in Dubai

Angel: Bring it up let’s talk about it. You already said I’m a sl#t in the house

Maria: You kissed everything in the house, your hands were on every d##k

Angel: Because it was a truth or dare game

Maria: You are too childish just grow up

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